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A number of parents have signed an online petition to keep the virtual model for younger children over concerns about returning to school buildings Goldson said she understood that but had been clear that returned to in person learning was the goal and that the school system would stick to that while also providing at home and in school COVID-19 testing Kate Ryan wtop news four O 5 now there's no question the pandemic has worsen the issue of food and security around our region A special task force in prince George's county has put out a report that it hopes will help tackle this problem A nearly 50 page report carries a long list of suggestions for the county to use the power of its government to meet the need The first recommendation hire someone who's focus is just undoing that Other things that are part of the recommendations 11 recommendations need kind of a central point to start pushing that County councilman Todd Turner chaired the task force and says one priority that person would have is making sure nonprofits that focus on food insecurity have better access to bulk food purchases Because when the pandemic hit and store shelves emptied out the traditional ways that particularly the not for profit providers were getting food wasn't necessarily available He says problems with data collection in an awareness of the benefits available throughout the county also need addressed John doeman WTP news Montgomery county leaders are hearing from police about how the department can stay competitive in recruiting more officers and it starts with raising salaries Making Florida Chief Marcus Jones says McMurray county police is in salary discussions with the FOP as the department is losing on average four officers a month We work very hard and we are finding a way to maintain the service that we've always provided to this community without any cuts The starting salary for a police officer is $54,620 a year according to the county with requirement of college or military experience assistant chief Darren Frank If we add in our municipal partners we're at about 1.28 officers per CAPiTA So perspective PG counties at 1.9 They're having the same vacancy issues that we have And again it's a national trend Megan clarity WTO P news Up ahead on Salt may help with icy roads but it can wreck your car I'm Luke Luke.

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