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I think the floor of THEO Riddick might be a bit safer here. They're going to have to throw the football against the LA Rams to say into that game. Right. I mean ran for nine and a half point favorites coming up there by Todd Gurley is healthy Marlin MAC played the Jaguars a few weeks ago. And maybe in the Jaguars are like totally and mail it in mode, but twelve rushes and twenty eight yards from our that MAC the first time these two teams played and I would like to thank the Jaguars have enough pride. They're gonna start a show on Sunday that you know, it's been a disappointing season. But we've got some fighting from Kevin Lee guy, Eric Bryan who's got as many touchdowns this year as his previous four years combined or March. Count on real. Honestly, I think what I will be doing in this case would be playing. He brought him flexing kit or vice versa. Doesn't matter. How you actually do it. But if I had to choose one, I'm gonna go there you brought ride the hot here for a while. We are all making the case for the mitigating factors surrounding Eric Hebron because there were something like he was catching an incredible number of touchdowns relative to his overall number of of catches in general. But I would just say that if you have those two, and you can find a way to flex them. Make your decision almost every week last one from Brandon, and I think AJ greens gonna play if that's the latest DJ more or AJ green green is going to play as I mentioned a little while ago. He has been removed from their injury report. So good news there for the Bengals. I think in this case Welby game more has been really exciting in the bucks couldn't cover the three of us. If we were out there playing against them. I with AJ green here and just Bank on. Hey, if he's a close family too. Normal AJ green that could be rolling out of bed scoring a touchdown one. Five catches with aim five yards. The quarterback doesn't scare you at all. Like you got to go to a backup. Hey, what hike? Most teams kinda scary when the backup quarterback, but. Oh, guys. The Mendoza line quarterback wins above replacement model, but is obviously prevalent in baseball. I kinda feel like as a green would be like a point one. Right. You know about average for quarterback. So I don't know that it's been major down don't taking them for granted by the I don't think it'd be huge downgraded. I think I'm with you. I'm gonna play Jay green this week. All right field have a great weekend. And we will see you next Friday. All right. Sounds good guys. Listen, everybody. That's field Yates every week with us. So if we didn't get to your question, I.

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