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The day. My name is Chris. Thank you again for welcoming us into into your ears. I am here with my most favorite people in the universe. I'm going to introduce I my most beautiful wife Sonya Sonja please say hello to the people people and my most favorite couple in the universe my most favorite power couple in the universe Carlos and Catherine Green what is up. Oh what the power couple power couples. We're here with our favorite couple in the birds. Time to rock on our last. Ask power boost. We talked about the hour of power and after we were done with that power abuse. We said you know what we need to talk more about it because because more it's bond more questions we heard feedback from people and these are things that we need to talk about because we feel like you need that boost I for the hour of power. There's things we have to talk about number one just as a reminder with your our power there's three sees you have to remember it's consistency it is connection and it is communication so those are the three Cs you have to remember the six core areas Carlos Katherine Carlos should give me three Catherine you give me three faith family finance future. That is your agenda and Sonia. Give us some maybe questions in trouble shooting through in our power so if a power our couples out there and they're saying okay. This is great. I want to do this. What about this? And what about this. What about this so my first question Shen is what happens if you guys get into a disagreement about something do you take the time during this Our power to discuss that and come disregard everything else within that hour or do you talk about out that separately at a different time. Okay I'll start and just interject about My thoughts about Our power you you start with subjects or things that are very safe and dozen caused a lot of friction I so if you will use the six areas areas for instance So using this area may be start with if your faith is very easy to start with then start with that one go and and and then. That's that's right and so until you able to to move. You may not be able to go through all six of those the areas in one time. You have to decide because what you WANNA do. You WanNa create a lot of attention. You WanNa be a good to have a common goal understand what your goal is it is is to move your family for is to be. Consistent is to connect with each other and communicate better open communication and dialogue. That's the whole purpose of having our power. So that would be one thing that I would recommend is just starting with your softish and you think that if an you mentioned the last power boost if you start with prayer that that kind of set the table forever they sets the tone and hopefully you. Don't get in to a tenuous a situation where you're you're you're arguing and couples you know each other's buttons right and you know what what things you should avoid and probably what you shouldn't do to keep this meeting as productive as it could be for your marriage in general which is the most important thing for you. So don't start saying things that may send things the wrong way and maybe cover those areas that you think would go a lot more smoothly and especially maybe initially write but that you should you should keep it somewhat light so that you can power through it no pun intended to power through it and and get through that meeting and then it can get deeper and a little bit more Media as as as as the other meetings happen that with that be safe to say that I would say so again cavern. I've been doing this for ten to fifteen years so we've got got some traction and experienced but when we first started we didn't use softballs. We always look in our our power with prayer on the front end. I on the backhand okay so when we're looking at our our power understanding this is an opportunity for you to dream. You're talking about your goals as a cop bowl your aspirations what you want to accomplish in life together so it should start off very very positive conversation okay and so understanding where you all are today and where you want to be just a year from now so set that short term goal and say here's what we would like to end up up like Catherine said you may not get to all six four areas districts with two or three of them and then only set two or three goes in each one of those core the area that way. It's not overwhelming. Yeah but it keeps you focused and I think our biggest thing is when we're talking through our biggest challenge that we have in. This process is to remain consistent and be intentional about it because you can do it for the first month. Two months three months. Look look good but when you're starting to work on the twelfth of mine and thirty six and the forty eight months that's when it can start to get get a bit challenging because you're like well it's okay. We don't have to do it this month. And whenever we miss a month because we haven't been perfect but whenever we miss a month we can tell We'll stop in the middle of the Mo.. No we needed to do this. We kept saying okay. We're GONNA do it then. Something come up go something nothing no where we say we gotta do it. Because is that's what we agreed to do and I liked. I like something that you said. In the last power boosts that was a part of the hour of power is is if you think about got it from progress and not perfection right where it's not about him or her being perfect for you you or him or her being perfect or this marriage being perfect. Let's work on these core areas and let's work on. Moving forward was more on getting progress aggressive in each one of these areas. And I I have a question to insomnia. I'm sorry I know you. Have you have another one. I think my other one was answered. It was about Arthur anything's anything's off limits. As to what you talk about think you address that meaning less. Do talk about that. We didn't actual- off limit. Okay for us off limits. But we've already said a what we call our non-negotiables anyway talked a lot about that. So are non-negotiable are. We're not going to talk about anything that's GONNA call. Strike are the D. Word. We don't talk about divorce. That's not a goal. That's not an aspiration Asian for us. So that's off the table. We're talking about building a life together so it's going to be those things that's going to enhance our relationship relationship. That's going to put us in a position to win. As if there's anything that you all to discuss this going to be contentious I would probably are. We not put that as part of the initial one of the things that just kind of come to mind was just Parenting parenting and the way you parent your children can be. Sometimes uh-huh very difficult and maybe the two of you guys are not on the same page. So parenting would probably not be one of those things that you would bring to the table. Well L. that but then as I guess that was my reason for asking the question is if you know that it's it's you you don't agree on those things. Do you talk about them anyway. Underneath family we do talk about them underneath family. So let's the way that we would phrase that parenting situation right is not in how we parent them. But what our goals and aspirations and dreams for our kids okay. So then we're looking so if it's to get hit their driver's license over the next six months. How do we work as a team to make sure that they get their driver's license by going to go into the school let's set up some rhythms that they can go out and we can teach them how to drive? Let's make sure that they're studying for the test. So that's all positive that you can work together gather and then when you invite your children into that goal planning process then it becomes. Yeah that you're doing so our power is not necessarily always just individually the two of you if you're talking about family and you're you're covering that in an hour of power you're pulling in your voice or one. Oh boy if you're talking about some goal for for him will what what we do is we have our own our power and because we're discussing the implementation the execution of it. Then we talk about. When do we actually have that conversation with our son so then we can go in together? Say here's what we got. We want you to get your the license. Here's some things that we can do to make sure you're successful than that. What you have and then we all start working toward that again? I love that and then he knows you know him or her. If you have daughters out there you're doing the same thing they know you're on you're on. Their team is a team effort. This is not just like here. You go you're on your own or or your mother's going to do this with you or your father going to do this with you. This is a team. Effort came together. And I love what Carlos say you to meet I because what you don't WanNa do not have a discussion and you go in and bring them in and then you say well. That's what well if we talked about Kuffour we came in and they're seeing you all Confused I mean. Just think about your job if you hadn't discussed that something with Your client or your boss lost before you went into the meeting and you guys go in there and you on different pages. You may lose their climax. Irag just perfect I love I love that okay. And here's the other thing that I have is that we love it. We don't all we meet in our bedroom when we have our our power normally uh-huh but we've met at coffee shops. We've met at bookstores. We've actually met when we were driving to another vet out of town and say l.. That gives us so great space that we can have this discussion. That connection part so it doesn't always have to be in the same place that you meet but just make sure that you meet. Beat whatever your rhythm is and I think that that's been really cool for US braid. That's awesome so power couples. This has been your power boost for the day once again. This is your hour of power. Let's call it. You're troubleshooting guide to the our power. Your power boost so power couples. Let's get it powered up..

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