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It's so easy to look at it and say while they're gonna change the goaltender right Riddick. Split time with Smith during the course of the year. There was legitimate questions on whether Smith should've been the starting goaltender for the flames. So this would be the perfect opportunity after getting crushed sixty two being down to one of the series to go to Riddick. I say no because I look at the first three games of the series. I don't fault Smith. He was outstanding in game. One. He faced fifty six shots last night. He made fifty saves fifty. There's nothing wrong with the goaltending. It's the play in front of them. I mean this to be a solid defensive team Calgary you give fifty six shots. That's ridiculous. And you look at the goals would Smith supposed to do. New MacKinnon was on fire may car goes right off a UMass within a whisker of winning national championship wins the hobey Baker award plops in his first ever playoff game. I ever game in the NHL. He scores a gold three nothing. It's four nothing in the second period. And I don't think any of the goals were necessarily Smith's fall. So the knee jerk reaction to go Riddick. And maybe that's what the flames do. But I'd say stay with. He's been the best part of the flames game so far in these playoffs. He really has. You telling me Riddick would save the day yesterday when he's going to have to face fifty six shots. No way. And how about this disturbing stat flames one sixty one percent of the faceoff, but they could control the puck. Flames had more hits. But you know, what the avalanche finish McKinnon's just a flat-out star. He was just been sick. And and of course, taking penalties. Eight power plays for the avalanche ridiculous ridiculous to blame Smith when your team's committing eight penalties where the star scoring some goals here grow shutdown again, he was minus three. So the knee jerk could be go at Riddick. And maybe that's what they do. I don't I stay with Smith another game. Now, if they lose him go down three one if you wanna make the change just out of desperation to say, hey, we gotta change something. We're facing on the nation. Maybe Riddick gives the bit of spark that's fine because you're desperate because now you're facing elimination. But to one down, I'm not gonna panic. I mean Smith been the best part of the flames game here. They can get square through game four tied at two. And then you get home ice advantage for what in effect becomes a three-game series. That's what I'm doing. I'm not gonna change goaltender. I think that would be ridiculous. All right here. The four games tonight. It's hard to believe I'm gonna say this but the Tampa Bay Lightning facing elimination Columbus again. The blue jackets, and you know, it's easy to say the lightning to win this game going away because they just can't possibly get swept. All right. I can buy that. But I couldn't imagine they'd be down three games to none. I thought game two. There were an easy bet after they blew the three nothing lead and the three one lead going into the third period that they would crush the blue jackets Tampa game to didn't do it. Oh, well, then of course, they're going to go to Columbus member. Columbus at the two nothing series lead on Washington winning both games in DC last year only to squander it away with home ice last season. Losing those games in Columbus? Eventually losing the series in six games, you figure the same thing's going to happen. But then the blue jackets went again. I don't know what state Tampa's in right now. I mean, I don't know how they feel about their game..

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