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KFBK Los Angeles County prosecutors say Southgate man, who was arrested three times in less than a month, is charged in the crime spree is Maya Lopez was released. From jail twice due to the crown of IRS pandemic. The 23 year old is facing seven felony charges. It appears humans aren't the only ones dealing with a deadly virus. LOS Angeles public health officials say virus targeting domestic and wild rabbits was detective for the first time this month in L. A county. The virus, officially known as Rabbit hemorrhagic disease was found in wild hairs in the Antelope Valley City of Little Rock as well asshole Nipper Hills in the San Gabriel Mountains foothills, a new survey says Over 2/3 of parents are not interested in taking there. Old in a dizzy land right now, while California continues to deal with the surge of Cove in 19 cases, According to the poll, conducted by the Morning consult research company and the Hollywood Reporter, 68% of moms and dads don't feel the time is right to bring their youngsters to the Magic kingdom After the Anaheim theme park reopens, I'm Roel Balon. Sacramento traffic over and Highway 49 both North and south bound between 80 and Dry Creek Road. At least one lane is closed intermittently in both directions for the installation of the bike lane and road improvement work taking place until the summer of this year, so it should be wrapping up soon. But for the meantime, expect delays in the area. Then in Courtland Highway, 1 60 at Painter's Ville Bridge, it is shut down until October 1st, so make sure to use Walnut Grove Bridge or steamboat. Slow bridge instead. And Woodland South Bound five..

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