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Boys and FBI messing people in the city. See the movement occurring and say, My God, I want to be in that scene. That's right. Damn right. You wanna be in this thing she had the video trying to be in this thing used to fantasize about being this sing bluegrass girl, But she's got big dreams Can't touch me. I got instincts locked in the house from plot in things I brought a gang to the party with me five White boys, but they might get sick of the nineties. Where did you see Nothing. Nice to say part of J P 99. You know, it's Hollywood. Unlocked blue to this man is DJ damage Jason Lee with the team. All right, So Marilyn Manson has been under fire again lately. No, that is right. Oh, yeah, man that took his rebound zone. Is that real? Well, I don't know the roar of the river's gone either way. I'll tell you what it is. He's clean image. Okay, well, that was a joke. He's never had a clean image. Really? Okay. For those of you don't know who Marilyn Manson is. He is Jeffery Starr, sister. Now Look, Maryland is basic claims of sadistic physical and sex abuse Couple with racism, Anti Semitism, accusation. Is it bad that I've been thought that This all came after his ex girlfriend Rachel ever would release a statement on her instagram that he had allegedly said that he wanted to kill her by choking her to death. I want to kill her in her sleep in that he hate Jews and blacks. Everybody. Listen, If you look in his eyes, he got black eyes black and blue. That was done. But now he's back in the news doing with everybody who is ugly does hating on somebody else understood why ugly people hated on people. But either way, his ugly ass came for Lana del Rey, and we all know Lana is always under attack for saying dump. Ground. But this time she did not do but take a bad picture. He took his papa Rocky picture, and now he is renamed her lasagna. Del right. Wow, is disrespectful because I'm Italian, And I like lasagna. Villagers. Speaking of attacks when I think of it tells you know one thing I love. What sausage? Where's this going? I'm sorry. Italian sauces. No, I'm just saying I love my, but I don't think I would remove my ridge trying to bend over and get myself. Not even in. Call me when I was set up in my house lonely all by myself thinking what should I do? Let me go Remove a rib psycho Mom. I mean, it's a huge commitment. Is it a huge commitment? Neither. One of you would know how huge it is. Only I would take. It would be a long, long, winding road. What you get in the thick of it all baby, you'll realize one thing, and that's the final sample. Huh? Wow. Go off Jason Lee so damaged. How you gonna transition? This one? Look, we just gotta switch gears man, but a rapper Jim Jones called that little wafer still in his rhymes, and that's coming up next, the damage that you want to swallow them words. No, not God. Wow, Hollywood..

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