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Really good preseason. Winning's contagious. Keep rolling. All right, I need Mike Schur and Pat Shurmur. Up here. We had a tradition. They get the bucket shower. One coaches get recognized because of the effort of the players. I love you guys just like Pat said one with a great group of guys. You guys have earned the right to come together as a football team. Keep doing it, man. Let your boys man Hey, do you want to do There you go. Sounds from the locker room. You can see the scenes from locker room as well. All that courtesy of Denver broncos dot com. According to what? I'm looking at Vons, actually now in sole possession. Of 24th Place all time ahead of Pat swilling at 25, right behind Greg Townsend von now 108 sacks by the end of the year. It's not unrealistic. The faster we get two sacks a game. He'll jump way up, but If you don't remember Simeon Rice is a Bronco Muslim women with the box. Rice did end his career here in Denver, or, like half the season. These are the guys ahead of on. Greg Townsend, 1 9.5, Sean Jones Won 13 Clyde Simmons, 1 21.5, Simeon Rice, 1 22, Robert Mathis 1 23. So if he gets 15 sacks from where he is right now at 108, I mean 17 on the year that would be close to his best, I think, 18.5 his best year. But a 17 game coming back. Off to a great start. Not unrealistic. I don't think Chandler Jones going to average five sex again. But Chandler Jones is hot on his tail.

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