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Washington State. A top progressive in the house. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, Scott. Okay? You're listening to NPR news. KCRW Sponsors include Peacock presenting Emmy eligible Comedy series Girls five Ever. A Nineties Girl group reunites 20 years later, starring Sarah Burrell as Renee Elise Goldsberry, Paula Pell and Dizzy Phillips. All episodes streaming now on Peacock. With so few brewers of color, a couple of craft beer experts in Inglewood want to represent the community with a brick and mortar of their own. We truly wanted to create something that felt and looked and sounded like the culture that's already here. One of the first things that you typically see in the gentrifying community is a white owned bird and stick to take is tapping into the neighborhood before it's too late. That's the next episode of greater L A Tomorrow at one in 6 30 on KCRW, and wherever you get your podcasts. Mhm. Good morning. It's 8 18 You're listening to weekend edition on K C R W News headlines next. I'm jail. Snyder. With these headlines, President Biden has wrapped up the summit in southwestern England with other G seven leaders. Biden is leaving for London and a meeting with the Queen. After he and the other leaders agreed to give a billion vaccine doses to developing countries. They also called out China over its human rights record. Police in Austin, Texas, have one suspect under arrest, searching for another in connection with this weekend shooting in the city's downtown. That left 14 people wounded two critically. That mass shooting in Austin as well as one in Chicago and another in Savannah, Georgia, stoking concerns about a spike in gun violence and antenna. Some men's singles final at the French Open between Novak Djokovic and Stefano Citypass. Has moved into a third set. I'm Kyle.

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