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To explain why why neutrinos end up not working after all Another it's another disappointment in with regard. The. Other fundamental parameter is the Hubble Yes. Hubble. Constant. And You got fair amount of precision around that does STF says in w map, and then I understand that there was another measurement from the Supernova that seem to sort of divide. So this is this is very much observe I was saying earlier that there's great excitement or there's great eagerness in the scientific community to find chinks in the armor to find discrepancies and what you're referring to exactly that so. As as Your listeners may know the Hubble constant measures the expansion rate of the universe, and there's a whole variety of different ways to do this, and the stormers have been trying to do this since the time of Hubble himself back. In the Nineteen Nineteen Thirties And now the measurements have gotten astonishingly precise and one way to to its expansion rate of the universe. It's a measure of how fast the galaxy is moving away relative to its distance. So That sounds straightforward. You measured the distance you measure how fast it's moving away from the redshift you're done. So that's one one. Approach and Many different variants on that particular theme. But crudely speaking the number that comes out and funny astronomer units is about seventy two or seventy three. When the the other way to do it is to measure measure the detailed fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background from I still being map, and now you mentioned the the planck satellite which has made more precise measurements, and that gives you slightly more indirectly a measure of expansion rate of the universe and when you go through that in the same funny units, the number comes out to be seven. So sixty seven versus seventy, three ish, and then everyone just starts arguing and so is someone made mistakes mistake or systematic error. What happens if we use other measurement that gets a seventy one instead of seventy three. At the moment, it looks like real discrepancy which has gotten people all excited again because it says, this is you know we were getting a little bored by just how beautifully everything was putting together. We need we need something to give us a new handle on something we we really wanted to discover something fundamentally new rather than. Just just see it off it beautifully.

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