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I don't really think it's the same thing how you ma- how you mad the TMZ called the celebrity. Because I wanted more I host. I was watching. I was watching the news. I was watching the news and they reported on Kim Kardashian talking about the Tiger Netflix. How she's in all these messages because people believe Karaoke the husband Shit. I'm not froze. I'm so glad you're wrong because I have been earlier. I'm right here okay. There you go there seconds. I wonder what we're talking about. The Tiger and Kim Carr said Kim Kardashian came on talking about the tiger. That's where we left off because What I mean to say by that is that she posted it and it became news because she's a celebrity. Her PULSE WAS. I'm getting all these the M.'s Texas because people were telling me they believe Carol killed her husband. What do you think? So that caused a reaction throughout the media world because she's so popular. You can't not hey on. Tmz FOR CONTACTING. A legendary boxer. That obviously gone through the same thing you don't want to associate were happening in. Zaire to what happens awhile too. And that's fine. That is your opinion but other people see the familiarity. In the situation generalities in the situation. There are definitely some generalities in the situation. But to but to me the situation gets blown out of proportion to me. The situation gets put on a pedestal. When when it when it gets spoken into you know I it into the media into the open world you know what I mean and so two place that kind of pressure. On whatever sort of relationship they may or may not figure out together is just. It's unwarranted it's unnecessary. You're just needs to do. Put HIS HEAD DOWN. Keep his same team together and do his best to show up on fight night. The same cocky dude that he was before your going to win the fight. Not George Foreman special sauce Michael Jordan. You want Michael Jordan. Namik some some some some special stuff into a bottle on space jam and then Deonte is gonNA drink in turn to a cartoon character. What do you think happened? What what what is warming up for him. Listen you know what form and got he? Put the theory regarding you. You're afraid you're afraid of what it is Forming can do. That's what's going on here. People are nervous. You are the representation of the fury fandom. And you're showing their panic. You're showing that they are nervous. And I know it's hard not to be nervous about a fight where You know the guys lost conceivably every round Ten that's why it was fighters he's doing with fury did that's why he's doing to see. That's the funny thing. Aj and fury change it up and they get blessed they get they get put on on the level now. Wilders stinking possibly he may change. We don't know for sure because this is George. This is George saying what he wants he is the one like Lennox wanted to help. Aj George wants to help wilder and you are jealous. I can see them. You want it to be George helping someone else not. Wow Yes lenox makes us go ahead. An- recap sorry. Go ahead right yeah you. Tmz and George Foreman. But Steve What was his name from impact my Ciano mentions tmz to gain and build a superstar. This is all part of the formula of boxing period. You want good light on boxing. Tmz and George. Foreman is good light on boxing. I'm correct myself. I said Manila. It was desire that George Foreman compared fury and while the two and I really agree that would George Foreman going in his corner and being a mental support is a not putting your head. Down is probably saying you'll keep your corner together. You can easily beat them like this because this I thought it was going to happen and they impo employees Put put a plan together a strategy for for Tyson fury. He sees his style. George Foreman Sees Tyson Fury Style and he knows Deontay Wilder Style and what he has beat him and I agree with George Foreman. I'm not mad. I'm not mad at TMZ covered this or broke this. I'M NOT GONNA lie. It would have been nice for the friend of the show to let us know that they spo- but I'm not mad at that. You know what I'm mad. I'm mad that that you know That we do a show show a day right a we're in the situation we're in and TMZ got these guys again. I'm not hating these. These people get their their their Assignments you know the same way. I used to get my signs from newspapers and websites and stuff right but this do does not understand the intricacies of boxing. You know what I'm saying. That's why Nestor Gibbs would be better on. Tmz You know what I'm saying but but but not everybody can get an answer gives so this turns into so what happens when a casual turn Gets this interview. It gets the scoop. He turns it into something that it's not. He turns it into as many talking points as he can. And that's what's been done here is is perhaps a beautiful intricate conversation between two people has has been sullied in my opinion. It's ugly it's money now. You know what I'm saying. We're all about it. We're all gossiping. What did they think they talked about? The Tiger King. Yo you think they talked about a prince. Charles Getting Corona virus. What do you think they talked about? They talked about today. It's boxing and how not who you know. Keep yourself down in your depression. How not to you know? Stay in the freaking out of the lowest of the lows. He probably gave him the right pep. Talk the right motivation to let them know. It's not over a multimillionaire. You still are the biggest puncher in boxing history and if you make the right changes and you give yourself the right attitude you giving yourself a fighting chance. I just don't get. Why is this so much negativity to George? Who's alleging ain't never done nothing to nobody. Everybody bought his George Foreman Grill. Why are you so mad that he's connecting with wilder? I was mad that there while you're with that connection out in front of million facilities at a time where you don't go Z Z. He put it out. He said I'm scared so that I'm getting nervous but in reality what it really is. Is You're clinging to anything that you can that you think will turn this by different. All George Foreman. Oh you know what? Let's bring a vendor Holyfield in it you know. What is there any duplicate Mohammed Ali? Mind and put it into some like you know westworld computer and then he could give him some some advice. To who else do you want to bring in? Mario Mario. That's what your problem is. You're trying to hold on to everything you can't but I'm sorry brother I'm sorry listen to me. Format is not the answer that you're looking for us to say it's not I don't know brother. I'm unlisted. I know. I've been watching boxing long time but I don't know everything about boxing and I never will. That is way above my pay grade on what he needs to do. It's probably it's probably right or wrong. Whatever there was a key. Word that you just said Invoked something inside of me you said. That is a difference. There's a difference. There's something different on the west side with that little they lose an Internet but real quick. We got a cash out from but it on him again. Let me get to this crash from Trenton Jones. Who SAYS A disk cache aptness? Mario has never been a heavyweight champ but he know wow wow the needs to do more than one of the goats. Mix Shut up expect opinion. I think what he's saying is like how could I even for a second? Believe that a heavyweight. How what did he say? I'm reaching I don't even what the fuck I don't even read every side. How isn't this a good thing that a legend con? He'll be what you need it to your haters. Yala right now turning our combat thing. It Ain't training essay. He didn't say anything about come train for two or three weeks. Come hang out why. Why is it become like yo him hanging out with Tyson few hanging out with George? Foreman is going to make him a better fighter. But it's not nothing to do with fighting so we talked about it so many think it's all meant to but isn't that turned him as well that fighter it's about my said we had A. We had a person of female in here. I can't remember her name. Forgive me girl. She said it's a mindset fight in my life is mindset. You go outside of work you have my say and your day is better than yesterday. You know so George forming on TMZ and has invited him and speaking on the phone. That's changing as mine. Us On head down his. Hey hold your head high. Don't put your head down. Let me quote. Let me quote. He said we talk because I was in that position where I lost unexpectedly with the title in Africa. Only you know what he's going through right he says I just said Oh he's related narratives loss UNESCO. Okay so I I'm trying to say this This quote here where he said. We talk because I was in a position where I lost unexpectedly with the title in Africa. Only I know what he's going through he's GonNa have to live with the fury laws but I can show them how to live with that and how to come back better. We talked a lot on those lines so mario said he heard this. Mario said he would read the quotes but obviously he didn't because what they talk about. Are they going to get some salsa? They're gonNA be good from chicken all his when he's not James said he also goes back he also goes on to say not only beat him while the can easily do it. Give him another chance. He'll show you but that's years now. That quote right there is what has fury fans and Mario Shaken in a boots. Give another. He'll show you and and another quo and I'm I'm I'm not gonNA say not verbatim. He says he says something along the lines of like Yo when you go into that rain the titles vacant. It's not your fight is built. Yes back a vacant title. So again these are like meant to things e Sham Woodham. We don't have that. I never lost a big ass. Thrilla in Manila Zaire Fighting Africa come on. He's eighty nine forty-five troy probably overslept. Again this is the second Listen Mario is trying to minimize everything. That's happening marginalize is what I said He. He's trying to. Let's just let's just brush it off or so say someone who's George. He's not relevant. That's what he's doing but we know as boxing fans. This is huge. This is huge. GotTa Legendary Dude that. When the same thing you went through..

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