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Who took my words craft way. People want to see it went on to become a global bestselling book in started the catalyst for me now. Impacting the lives of millions of people. Did it just pay from there where it was like. I love doing this or did it. Feel more of a necessity. I don't even have an answer for that. Just became my new normal as kind of like well i go. I've got another effort. That book became success or second. Another store again another story and it kept going and going it's interesting. I pulled up my eleventh grade report card in in creative writing. My teacher gave me an f. And then i'll never make up his dream. Get that love to do first of all. I'm not a great writer. But i am created. So what i do is i work my strengths and weaknesses. So if i sit there and say look a boy wants. A new bicycle gets off his ass. He takes a lawn. More mosel on makes money buys a bike book. That's my story. My ghost rider says it was a glorious afternoon. When a young bride lad caught the entrepreneurial spirit as you went out right. So that's their job. I worked my rights. Let other people were i. Can you repeat it. I work my strengths. And i hire my weaknesses expand on that for listeners. Yeah i work your strengths. Higher your weaknesses. i love it. So you're saying that rather than looking at all of the stuff we have to do and all the things that i mask it done but really stress me out. I'm not very good at it. You saying. Let's look at the things that i love to do. I feel good about it. I'm good at it and then everything else find someone to do it for me or process to do it. The easiest guy in the world. So i run many different stations companies right now but again. I don't work in those things. I work on them. So for example. Right now i'm doing a big email marketing campaign. Well i'm not you know most office working on that for me right now. My instagram's growing got half a million followers with all these cool means well. guess what. I'm not the one making those names. And guess what you know. I'm working on four different books. But i have my different ghostwriters working with me right now to craft the stories integrate way so the whole idea as you work your strengths and you hire weaknesses. And i'm working on a new clothing line right now that i think can be spectacular but at no time. We'll i so anywhere these things. That's just not what i do. As so the whole ideas. I worked my strength and then i started to myself with people that are experts so many of us try and keep out hands on everything. I know that i did that at nearly businesses. Felt like. I had to do it. Because if i wasn't doing it it wasn't going to be as as good as i need it to be. I wasn't going to get to the next step. And i sort of started realized through pain that i'm never going to get to where i ultimately want to be so stuck in trying to do everything because there's leverage and so between being a leader and to kneel same things like i if i had count practic office and i was the only person doing adjustments insists job but if i've got a chiropractic clinic and i have two other three other practice working under me all of a sudden it becomes a business and then i can focus on marketing to bring in more people's that these guys can stay busy and then i can bring a massage bringing roma therapy. I could do whatever i wanna do. But i can focus on growing the business but if i'm so busy doing the adjustments i can only focus on what i can't hand. It might times about. Is there any last thing..

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