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Talking about how you know i need to go kill myself. We're to have some issues and one of the issue it'll be it'll be finished could yeah. It'll be it'll be very very simple. and That was really pissed. You know. I think that that that that we need to state where we stand as show As far as far as things like that are concerned and you know what honestly. Let's be real whoever that is You know let's be real real easy to say that behind a wind a and i'll just leave it at that you know yeah anyway Moving onto the defense man Okay let's see We'll go ahead and we'll name it. I will give the bam. Mvp of she wonder who week Ozzy's while shire seven tackles two four to pass defense and to pass defense and two tackles for loss. You know it's easy to give it to bam bam bam bam every view of the week award because you give it to him every week to me. Al-aziz i felt. He had real impact place. So media is the is those to pass defenses for up shoe jeff and tackles for loss and and to me it's if al-aziz who let's be real and and nice work as backup mike because was bam bam got taken off your backup backup you know if we can have house. You saw airplay at this level on putting. I'm seeing this right now. If as these i'll show year can play at even ten percent of his level on a consistent basis. We in week out. We have the best linebacking corps and football even close. Yeah if he stays at this level this linebacking core is going to shut down everybody. Show me the weakness. If he's the he's always been good. It hasn't shown up every week but he's always been a good player but.

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