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A deal with him so we can continue that investigation so the notion that this is almost over his surely wishful thinking the white house is downplaying any connection of papa dopoulos but as abc's brad mielke reports there's new information about a meeting were then candidate trump was present just after inauguration day abc's cecilia vega ask president trump you or anyone in your campaign how they contact with russia leading up to or during the quake he gave an unequivocal no but rather muller's team uncovered a meeting in which george papadopoulos tell his connections to russia with president trump in the room now former trump adviser gd gordon tells the new york times the trump listen with interest as papa dopoulos suggested a meeting with vladimir putin but at jeff sessions shot the idea down saying not to mentioned that again brad mielke abc news the president's response to questions about that meeting i don't remember much about that very on board meeting remember much about a new abc news washington post poll suggests the majority of americans don't believe the president's hands are completely clean abc's brad mielke tells it starts seven in ten americans support the conspiracy and money laundering charges against paul manafort and rick gates president trump is that the charges have nothing to do with his campaign but taken with the case of george pompidou the eight who's admitted to getting tips about russian dirt on hillary clinton sending them to his supervisors and then lying about it fifty three percent of americans think these cases there a sign of broader wrongdoing in trump tower and forty nine percent dislike the president himself committed a crime president attempting to turn attention once again to his 2016 rival questioning why the justice department is looking into the recent revelations about hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc abc's kenneth moton explains president trump's response when asked if he would consider firing his attorney general jeff sessions a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me trump is blasting bot the fbi for not investigating.

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