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Twenty eight degrees clear skies in Boston temperature reading up to thirty nine this afternoon but the wind will make it feel like it's in the twenties good morning everyone I'm Marc Cohn and here's what's happening at eight o'clock Boston fire says a hazmat situation in downtown Boston has now been contained in a steam leak that set the whole thing off has been shut down the steam leak spewed some unknown debris this morning at about five thirty at ninety nine summer street requiring a level two hazmat response the debris is now being tested in hazmat technicians remain on scene to monitor the area a federal grand jury is investigating charges of overtime fraud in the Boston police department according to The Boston Globe WBZ's Kevin Coleman with the details the allegations are that three officers submitted significant overtime in two thousand eighteen and didn't fully worked those for our overtime shifts police commissioner William cross ordered a review of payroll data for every district in the department the investigation into the Boston police department is still ongoing and it follows federal and state investigations into overtime abuse by the state police troopers that included ten troopers being charged in eight pleading guilty Kevin Golan WBZ Boston's news radio it was a very busy day and night in the through when a car struck the fire station at five corners in downtown to fill in last night the driver has been arrested for driving under the influence Methuen fire tells us no one was hurt the building is fine in the crash did not impact operations and if that wasn't enough a gas leak yesterday in Methuen forced the evacuation of residents near the area of center street Columbia gas spokesperson Kelly merit tells WBZ that Columbia gas was doing a scheduled sweep when it detected the leak but we're.

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