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Welcome to the interview portion of this episode for supper, you're gonna hear from director Robert Mandell, how did you decide to get into show business? I was a chemistry major in college. And a lot of theatre where I went to school, and I fell in love with eater. I wanna came to medicine or theater, I decided on the feeder, and I went to Columbia MSA Columbia worked under Joseph Papp who was my mentor there, and then put me to the public theater, and I worked in New York and regional theatres for about ten years. And then I directed a Jewish piper. Play called knock knock which was picked up by at that time public television and Boston New York with the entire cast that had performed the trinity square in Providence, Rhode Island and. And the refused to consider me to direct it. So I thought I didn't wanna go through that again. So I applied to the American Film Institute, and I knew that acting at by that time was very comfortable for me. But the mechanics of filmmaking were brand new and remember this is before we even had videotaped af I really was responsible for my transitioning from Peter to film, and then I made the short film called nights at over years. Which was my thesis film that. AFI which called a lot of tension and set me off so to speak. Why is it should've? It's a great film. And it was so nice to see creek Watson in that. I'm a few people who Craig Watson was or is. I I have really lost track of him. They were great both. Both of those leads great from there. I got an agent, and they brought me screenplays one of which was the first movie independence day with Kathleen, Quinlan independence. They really put you on the map and just the cast for that movie is fantastic. How did you manage to get all those great actors or were they not necessarily considered the stars? They ended up being at that point. Kathleen, Quinlan was the only known at that point. She had she had done. I never promised to rose garden produce of that some van black had done. I've believe a TV movie with her and brought her to my attention. And of course, I met her. And I thought she was perfect for the role the others. I had seen they they weren't famous at the times. I end we I think this is. Since I film, I knew her because as I said, I grew out of New York theater, and she was at theater actress, she'd come from Yale made a big splash Hedda Gabler. And I just thought she was terrific lift the young. I also new New York he had been in sixteen bones, which was a David replay. That was at the public theater and David Keith I had seen in a movie or two, and I I thought he would. So I would write and I was the lighted to have them marrying Dougherty. Who who I I don't know if you're familiar with. But she was a brilliant casting director at wanna brothers. And because it was the first film of mine. It was great to have her support in twos. Ing those people on even the ramps and Richard Farnsworth. And I love Francis stern Hakin. She is always Fanta St. on she's terrific again. He was New York actress, I knew. She is wonderful wonderful and all of them were terrific and the move the and I really needed. I mean that was truly initiation fire from me because going from student film, which was knighted over years to a wanna brothers movie was an enormous step in warmest. And great to you know, have the support of the cast. The producers were as I recall down my neck wanting to come in a very low number for low budget movie, and the stars of that movie were were helpful helpful in in persuading those producers to to give me while I wanted did independent state make splash, you know, it could not at the time. I not at all pulling kale really resurrected that movie the opening few theaters in New York and Chicago in Los Angeles. I know people saw that time Diane visa shortlisted for an Academy Award about movie, but did not enough nation. So people saw it but not enough not enough. And then after pulling kale thought a y-..

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