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Trips on Uber and Lyft in and out of downtown D.C. now both in and out of downtown D.C. could be a little more expensive for you in the future. D.C. council committee now voting to move forward on this issue with a plan to add a $2 surcharge to rideshare trips now that fee, we're told would be added to rides to downtown and the neighborhoods nearby it from 7 a.m. to 12 noon then to trips out of those same areas from noon to 7 p.m. 7 days a week. Ward one council member, Brianna do, tells 7 news this week, the plan would help revitalize. Downtown D.C.. Prioritizing vehicles over access to transportation means we've got pollution. We've got noise. We've got congestion and that's not inviting and that's not what we want for the future of downtown. She says most of the revenue from the surcharge would fund 24 hour bus service on at least 12 of D.C.'s busiest bus lines on this D.C. mayor muriel Bowser calls the plan this morning a terrible idea and says it would actually she thinks her efforts to re energize downtown D.C.. Councilman council chair that is Phil mimic and will now decide whether or not to include that in his next budget. Stay tuned. This 1207 while condemning a rise in hate incidents in Montgomery county, public schools this week superintendent monifa mcknight reflected on her history this week and the country's growth. We have inherited a system that was designed for white students who lived in white neighborhoods and were taught by white teachers only later to be open for all other students. That superintendent monifa mcknight, who says Hayden bias incidents have tripled the school year when compared to previous years. In an hour long speech, she reflected on her childhood in orangeburg, South Carolina, where she says there was a black side of town in a white side of town. So just as we have inherited those systems, we will now pass down the system and culture and values that our children and grandchildren will inherit. Mcknight outlined a series of actions such as trainings for staff and assemblies for students that the county will take in response to the rise in hate incidents. Scott gelman, WTO P news. I had after money news this half hour midnight hour on WTO, the finances of the nation's top court judges. 19 lane. 12 over precision AC tuna for only $59. Michael and son. Probably making weather on the 8s. Good morning to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center. Good morning, dean, still watching the I two 95 now, southbound has that accident seen as you make your way towards a suitland Parkway. Unclear how many lanes might be affected here, but the delays are starting to build against southbound two 95 just as you head towards the suitland Parkway, new crash that they are working there. In fact, it looks like there may be one on the ramp that takes you from 6 95 to southeast southwest freeway onto two 95 southbound, these may be a similar incident. It might be the same incident, regardless, southbound two 95 after the southeast Southwest freeway, the sign calls at 6 95 downtown. That's where you got to keep your eyes up, watch out for that crash scene. Northbound side looks clear, not seeing any delays any longer. So you should be golden there as you head up towards east capital street. Hearing from Montgomery county police that a ridge road is currently shut down as you make your way through Damascus, sounds like a pretty serious accident, and right by road, so watch out for that one. Just north of woodfield road is where that crash activity is following police direction, there should be a detour in place. Looking for a safe use car will Fitzgerald auto mall has hundreds of good cars trucks and SUVs. Next to a new car if it's way used cars best because if it's small dot com today, Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. First thing here, Saturday morning, damp conditions, some patchy fog across the area, and on the cool side it really does feel like a morning and early spring. Temperatures in the 50s will rise to a high of 70° with mostly cloudy sky. So

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