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Anyone that has Mike Lombardi's been leading the way with this def- Lippo they hired him as a big name coming from Philly, and internally those Minnesota coaches, Dan like him but in week fourteen we're going to suddenly turn it all around. Remember? Oh, see what did they do last year with the OC? We'll say, right. Remember, Minnesota fire to know, see mid you. So to me Zimmer such a strong coach, and they're in the co-, the OC they fired was the the deflect was the interloper and the guy they just opt is the guy. They thought should have got the job. Here's the biggest difference. I, but, but, but you know, just I just went that point to be made. I think usually this kind of disruptions in negative. I think they're all you ever noticed when there's the guy in the group. Matty, I'm not saying is you that you like everyone's a little less comfortable when he's there. And then when he leaves the people are more familiar. Just take a breath, and we can be ourselves. Now. I feel like that guy def- Lippo's out in might rally this team a little so that guy isn't Kirk cousins. Because of the biggest difference between Minnesota Vikings circa two thousand seventeen and Minnesota Vikings circa two thousand eighteen to me is the fact that they paid their quarterback top six money. And we discuss it each and every week quarterbacks in the top six in terms of salaries do not lead any divisions in the NFL why because it affects the depth of your team in a hard salary cap era. Now, all of a sudden this Minnesota team which was rallying around their defense. Their offensive line there toughness had to not sign players to continue that trend. So they could go out and have one of the highest payed quarterbacks in the NFL who has been nothing short of a disappointment this season. Fez I like the Vikings. I think that with the new oh, see they're going to go back to grounding and pounding the team feels like they've thrown the ball too much. Hey, let's face it every game. Digs are both getting ninety yards because they're not running the ball enough. And I think that they're going to embrace the fact that they're gonna pound the rock on on prop betting. I think he'd can do. Well, betting Dalvand cook to go over for Russia yards being the receivers and cousins to go under and get it this way and basically going back to Miami great points about ten L being a Ugi upgrade over the ostrich. But the bottom line is Miami's gotten blown out. There's been five blocks in Miami games. Miami was on the wrong side of all five. They got blown out any game since tannehill came back. I'm just curious. I don't think loan out stats by the bills got game. I two hundred and fifty yards against the bills. So they've had eight close games in Miami's won seven of them. So if they just had neutral lock gone four and four in those close games. Suddenly this team is four and nine and the spread is ten instead of times is the one time the one time though that I want to dolphins is off this win. Because I think this is going to be energizing for that team. Well, actually, I want to play both sides at six. And a half. I pry I'm optimistic on Minnesota ember. What happened to Miami? When they had a nice win. And they went to Green Bay who isn't very good. And they just got pulverized. I don't trust the steam away from Miami. That by me, minus Tanna hill going. Yes. But Miami Miami's we all agreed that my Naimey's different with Tanna. I will make the case Miami's different at home in the heat. They reconfigured the tarp and hard rock stadium. So the sun shines on the visiting team. I send her on the road at Indy. I think you're cherry picking. All right. I mean that was just a couple of week. Well, listen this. Here's the beauty of it in normal podcasts. It's blah, blah, blah here. It's Fazekas versus Mattie. Hold three hundred dollars, Mattie. Hold versus Brad powers three hundred dollars. RJ sits back and smiles as I like both sides. Last thing. Miami outgained in seven straight games. I'll gain seven straight. It just says a little expensive..

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