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Bucks home in West Hollywood. This latest dot comes about a year and a half after Jamal more died in bucks apartment of what? Corners officials determined was an accidental methamphetamine overdose. Bucks. Attorney Seymour ouster says the second death also appears to be an accidental OD pulmonary reports that I have is unfortunately, the individual guide came over already toxic. So that would be ingested out another place. Unfortunately, played a role in his death is the best I can figure at this point. And is a very caring giving individual that has his home opened the individuals. Do not always have the best of lifestyle. Activists are planning to put on another protest outside bucks. Home jazz mechanic represents a family of Tim more. District attorney Jackie Lacey and sheriff Alex during. Aransas prosecute sheriff's spokesperson says no arrests have been made coroner's officials will determine the cause of death. The investigation will include a secondary review of more staff. Cloudy, episcopa- KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio towards police say they've arrested. The man who opened fire inside the Gable? House ball Friday night, killing three men and wounding four other people the mass shooting the city of Torrington is being called a tragedy by police and members of the community chief fever find with Torres PD. So the fight began between two people in mushroomed into a major brawl with up to twenty involved. That's the one man pulled a gun opened fire evidence for video cameras inside. The bowling alley helped identify the shooter who was arrested on Sunday morning suspect arrested in this crime is Reginald Wallace. He's a forty seven year old resident from Los Angeles Wallis was on active parole after serving a seventeen year term for assault with a firearm that ended in two thousand seventeen chief Irvine says, although there are certain he was the only shooter the investigation is not over. Detectives are continuing to investigate this crime and are asking for assistance from. Anyone who is at the location? It's not known if Wallace new any of the victims he shot or killed in Torrance, Pete Demetrio, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio coming up. We are going to be taking you to Inglewood telling you why they're slowing on the four zero five south that's too. But it's a way at seven forty three. There was sort of the problem when.

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