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But what does it really mean? For you? Long term stand by. We're gonna talk about that. After the news. It's one o'clock. 700 wlw news, Traffic and Weather news Radio 700 wlw Cincinnati Still moving snow with cold on the way with one o'clock report. I'm Jack Crumley, breaking now slick road conditions and someone loses control and strikes the plow. You know, And certainly that's why we said if you could stay home. Please do because that's just reduces the risk that we're going to get hit and he's you know tough conditions to drive in. I mean, it's just not fun to be out there. Matt Bruning, with owed on three Ohio State trucks were struck overnight, and even though conditions on the roads are improving, drivers are still being warned to be careful. The latest UPDATES the city of reading has lifted its snow emergency that restricted parking And Hamilton County has now dropped to a level one snow emergency, meaning drivers should use caution in the city of Cincinnati. Looks like it's still gonna be a continue along week. So you know we're just going to get it. Jared Bolden with the Department of Public Services, as his crews continued work on main routes and residential streets with an eye on the next snow system that's expected before the week is over. Mork coming up Oh, but first the latest traffic and weather together. From the U. C health traffic center. You see health physicians a recognized among the world's experts in chronic sinusitis contact. You see health, ear, nose and throat for relief after road crews have been out all morning. All barricades have been reopened and Hamilton County's reduced it. Snow emergency the level one highways in pretty good shape. You still see some slick spots and maybe a slushy left lane. There is an accident on North 70 five's ramp to 74. It's got the right lane blocked and accident blocking the right lane of tooth. 70 five's ramp to North 75 Sharon Ville. These accidents as well continue to be worked on South 75 at western and Finley, the right lanes blocked North 75 topple the right lanes blocked right lane also blocked South 75 at seventh Street. I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 wlw. Now the latest forecast from the advanced industry whether center advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear, Dennis Don Kam Mostly cloudy this afternoon flurries will continue. Our high of 20 feels more like 10 degrees. Just a cold day for us, and it gets colder. Tonight We're down to six with wind chills just below the zero degree mark throughout the day Wednesday. We'll see. Mostly cloudy found an overcast sky with highs in the mid twenties and we are watching a minor so chance for late in the evening from years of your weather station on nine. First warning, meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark News Radio 700 wlw radar shows some scattered flurries east of Cincinnati just clouds in the Tri state. It is 18 degrees, We kick arse. Elsewhere. We don't get it right. We we beat ourselves up like I'm not kidding you, man. I probably got two hours of sleep last night because I was legit, Sick to my stomach because I don't like messing with people's lives like this. That is Wcpo, Channel nine meteorologist Jennifer Catch Marcon with her own Scott Sloan this morning, she says she hates it when the forecast doesn't match what actually happens. And while Cincinnati did see quite a bit of snow last night into the morning, it was not the record breaker being warned about yesterday. Again. Travel is still hazardous, and it's gonna be very cold tonight with Um or snow coming on Thursday. In Kentucky State lawmakers are getting a break. The House and Senate were scheduled to reconvene today after taking off President's Day but leaders from both chambers I'm now called off the remainder of the legislative work week, citing icy conditions across the state and a significant number of power outages in eastern Kentucky. Legislature will be back at the Capitol on Monday. And we'll have 15 working days to, among other things, reconcile.

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