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James Butler Hickok in 18 37 in the homer, Illinois. Small town 80, Miles west Chicago, but down later changes its name to Tori Grove. James has God fearing Bible reading. Christian parents are abolitionists who risk their lives by turning their home into a station for slaves along the underground railroad. It is during this time. But the lean and wiry young man gets his first taste of hostile gunfire when he and his father chased by law officers who suspect him of carrying more than just hey in their wagon. Danger of freeing slaves makes a lasting impression on young James. Giving him a fearlessness that begins to define him. As a man. James helps the family, which also includes three older brothers and two younger sisters. More by his hunting, led by his wavering on the farm. From young age, James's find of guns and through natural talent and regular practice becomes a crack shot. He also developed the ability to shoot a handgun equally well with either hand. James is a voracious reader and consumes everything he can about America's fiercely independent frontier heroes, especially Daniel Boone and kick Carson James Butler. Hitchcock heads west himself to Kansas territory in 18 56. Ancestors, a battleground between senators from Illinois and other Northern states want to prohibit slavery there and Southerners, mostly from Missouri and Arkansas. Want to establish slavery in the new territory. Goku continues his abolitionist ways joins Jim Lane's free.

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