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Very much. Tony. Big 10 football returning to Fox Sports Big 10 fans. I know we're happy about. I know. At least Ohio State fans aren't and there is a bit of optimism. Just up the road along. I 65 talking about in Bloomington, Indiana. Hoosiers can finally say they're wrapping up game week as the Big 10 opens play with the Hoosiers welcoming number seven. Penn State, the Hoosiers. Surprisingly only a six point underdog in this game. The Hoosiers, by the way, haven't beaten a top 10 team since October. 10th 1987 when they beat Number nine. Ohio State. Meanwhile, Indiana Junior running back Stevie Scott, the third says, Well, he talks a little bit about what This Penn State game means not only his teammates but to the Indiana program as a whole. I definitely feel like this is going to be the beginning, like the start of our breakthrough, but no finishing these big games. We've been playing it very close these past few years. I think we're having Prince stands the first game. That's definitely know something. We're all excited for just so we could show the nation what we've been doing this whole offseason. Very excited. Can't wait, showcases and some key losses for Penn State heading into this game war on that, as we move through the morning and bowling green, the western Kentucky Hilltoppers there finishing up preparations as they welcome Chattanooga this weekend. This game was originally scheduled for Saturday. September 5th. It was moved to Thursday, September 3rd in June and eventually delayed until its current date of Saturday due to the cove in 19 Pen. Emmick. This is the season opener for the MOX. Next week. Western heads to battle they had West by the way to battle number 11 and undefeated BYU and Eastern Kentucky will face 11 throwing central Arkansas this weekend for homecoming. And despite the last second loss last week at Troy, Redshirt senior wide receiver Kenyan Dixon was named F. C S. Cho player of the week after hauling in eight receptions for 196 yards in catching two touchdown passes. Meanwhile, produce filing an appeal to allow head football coach Jeff Prom to communicate remotely Saturday for their game with Iowa in West Lafayette. Bram is self quarantine after a positive Kobe 19 test, the Boilermakers are waiting to hear from the Division One oversight in Oversight committee on the petition. Brahms younger brother Jeff will service head coach against the Hawkeyes and quickly to a volleyball district play taking place yesterday. In and around our area. Thomas Dalton. Nelson Defeats Barge Down in straight sets, Thomas Nelson did dancing to face Bethlehem in tonight's championship to the 21st district, NPR P It was Holy Cross taking home. The championship is they beat p r. P three since the one and in 22nd district play at Irigoyen was Butler beating Western two cents to non Butler advances to not Tonight's championship in 7 30. They'll face the winner of tonight's five o'clock match between Dos and Eric Oi and the 28th district goes to the Ballard Bruins. They went in straight sets, three sets to none that Christian Academy. That's a look at your sports on NewsRadio weighed.

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