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Of the I G member joined today in Tysons Corner or online, a costume golf dot com Steve Dresner. W T o P traffic Now to storm team for meteorologists Lauren Rickets If you thought this week and was on just waiting till Wednesday, next Wednesday, temperatures are going to be in the mid nineties that heat and dust is gonna be right around 100. Well, today we got a little bit of a heat index is humidity increases, But temperatures are going to be in the low to mid nineties. It's breezy out there. Northwest winds 10 to 20 Miles an hour some higher gusts. We're seeing a little bit of that palling scooting around out there, tree and grass pollen running pretty high but were stunning into the afternoon. It's just hot, humid and breezy now, maybe a stray shower but otherwise we'll have some more showers here and there overnight and then scattered showers around for tomorrow. Temperatures likely hitting their daytime high for your Monday just after midnight tonight as well bottom out in the seventies and temperatures will contain You know, phones the low to mid seventies by tomorrow afternoon. Lots of clouds around tomorrow again cooler by Wednesday. We're back in the low eighties with climbing humidity. Partly sunny and maybe a few showers. Wednesdays I said mid nineties with that heat index close to 100. I'm sorry team for meteorologists warn records. It's hot at the airports, 91 degrees that Reagan 89 at Dulles and 91 be Wi Marshall. Brought to you by new look home design. On average New look. Installs one roof every hour with over 30,000 roots installed. New look home design dot com. It's 1 21, a Capitol Heights police officer and two others are in the hospital after a multi car crash in Prince George's county. The collision happened around 6 30 last night at the corner of Silver Hill and Walker Mill roads. No word yet on the cause of.

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