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5 33. The New York State Bar Association has opened an inquiry. Into whether Rudy Giuliani should be expelled after the remarks he made during President Trump's rally ahead of the capital riot last week. Giuliani is the president's personal attorney. At one point, he said, Let's have trial by combat. And Democratic State Senator Brad oilman, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has made a formal request to the state Court system to begin the process of stripping Giuliani of his law license. Middlebury College in Vermont is considering revoking the honorary degree it awarded Giuliani in 2005. There has been no comment from New York City's former mayor wins news time 5 34 1 of the Trump Administration's final foreign policy moves is aimed at hampering the new Biden. Administration when it comes to Cuba put in Cuba on a list of state sponsors of terror correspondent Andy Field with the story tonight, last minute declaration of Cuba as a terrorist nation complicates President elect Biden's reopening any relations with Havana State Department insisting Cuba is exporting terror, including supporting the Maduro government in Venezuela. President Trump's also changed policy in Yemen and Taiwan, making it harder for President Biden to change course with those countries. The Biden admonition. Gration can remove countries from the list, but not before a formal review process wins these time. 5 35 in his study has found that smoking pot may expose you to the same types of toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke. The research found that people who smoked marijuana had higher blood in urine levels of several toxins, including one which is associated with anemia, liver and neurological damage. The study is published in the journal E clinical Medicine. Pope Francis has changed church law to allow a greater role for women during mass correspondent Sabina Castell Franco has the story out of Rome tonight. In a new decree titled Spiritus Dominy. Pope Francis took another step towards greater equality for women in the Catholic Church, well, reaffirming that women cannot be priests. He changed church, Lou to explicitly allow women to have more roles during mass women could be installed. His Lecter's read the Scriptures and conserve on the altar as you Chris ministers in the past, these roles were reserved for men. With exceptions, He said he was making the change to increase recognition of what he called the Precious contribution women make in the church wins news time 5 36. Where is Samantha in the Sex and the city revival tent and winds. Entertainment is neck feel like you live a lot of your life online. On average adult spent almost seven hours online a day last year and all that shopping, banking browsing and sharing, convene, exposing your personal information making you vulnerable. The cyber criminals. In fact, 64% of adults admit to accepting risks online for convenience, like accepting cookies without a thought, giving away personal information, location, data and search history to third parties. Is it any wonder that one and four people had malware on one of their connected devices? Or that there's a victim of identity theft every three seconds? Probably not..

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