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The first period whether it's in the third period is get pucks in deep fisting struggles to play the rolled into the ice there goals against average is second worst in the NHL and you didn't think that was going to happen coming in because of the addition of a rusty but he has struggled this season so it's a priority of getting parts out of your own zone eliminate the pressure that you know the Florida Panthers can increase because it cuts a really talented offensive players that get it out and get it into the other side of the ice and make sure that you play that into the ice in the third pretty want to force them to to defend you want them to be on their heels in their own end of the ice rather than trying to defend him through the neutral zone or in the office of the and while we're on the subject of Florida let's let's stay on that topic as well because that last game against Toronto a fifth consecutive loss at home here Hoover though Barkov in dad not there it's super powerful top line had just four shots on goal Jole wasn't shy and bark off himself afterwards wasn't shy about talking about how they were not good enough and I'm imagine there's going to be a concerted effort here this Florida team's kind of kind of mystifying but Brodsky certainly hasn't held up to his contract and after the trade earlier in the week kind of a head scratcher there there's some talk about the older wine to cut ten percent salary that's certainly something Joe didn't sign up for so I'm certain there's going to be submergence you hear in the Panthers game tonight you would expect there to be inspected at the game against the lightning and they they played well through forty minutes and then kind of fell apart I think the black accessorized and how well they played in that third period and even when you listen to John Cooper's I've only just started put the park in the back of the net not that we did anything different but they started scoring goals I think that if you're old you're the Florida Panthers this is a huge game meet you have you missed a golden opportunity against the maple Leafs to gain some ground here those two teams would be in the same spots in the standings wise right now points wise if Florida had won that game in regulation so this is a critical game for the Florida Panthers expect more desperation you hear what the park office and after the game calling himself out knowing that they need to be better in every area as a matter of executing that rate down for the Blackhawks you know the same thing is if you're a team player the Blackhawks you want to take away that will as quick as you can and you know not give them the hope of the confidence of playing in these games that's what you want to do to the Panthers today they know that there's pressure on them and there's different pressure on them than there is for the Blackhawks if you know for all intents purposes the Blackhawks have to go on an amazing run here mathematically they're not out of it but with all the teams that are still in front of the points that they're behind it's going to be a real difficult task for were Florida is right now if they lose this game this is going to be a killer for them so they're looking at this game as a game that they must win for the Blackhawks Hey forced them to make the mistakes forced them to feel the pressure on this one and finally before we let you go I was announced after the morning skate today that in fact the Andrew Shaw will miss the remainder of the season and Zach Smith as well he's undergoing back surgery later on next week now these were come as couple of the elements that Stan Bowman brought in in the offseason create a little bit more jam and physicality unfortunately shot lasted only twenty six games this year out with concussion protocol but Smith one of five players currently on the roster from come correctly maybe it's for right now for they have over one hundred hits that's kind of been a rarity for the Blackhawks in recent seasons and other guys like Calvin de Haan Brent Seabrook they're well on their way to you know hitting the century mark in terms of bring that physicality it may not have made a difference at least to this point in where the record stands right now but it was you know a concerted effort to to try and bring a more overall game with some of the players at the Stan Bowman did bring in the off season it's just unfortunate their seasons wrap up a little bit too early if you thought that the addition of Andrew Schad what if Jackson Banerjee had some some credibility in the line up and it just hasn't kind of panned out just because of the injury and there that's disappointing I know it's disappointing frangible to he's got a look at his long term future the NHL where that may be moving forward we all we don't know all of the projects met the same type of equation their hard nose type of player that was going to kill penalties and play a fourth line third line role kind of it best and now to have those two guys on the line up to guys that you brought in to bring an element to this team that they didn't have another without that element basically it and they just have to fight through it yeah there are other guys you can still provide that but couple of veteran players it's unfortunate that they're gone for the season all right Mister sunshine thanks a lot of Pritchett will look forward to your call which I'm coming up at the top of the hour coming up next we go behind the bench with coach Jeremy Colliton obviously it's a big test tonight against a good team that's gonna they'll be desperate for points so we're gonna make sure start on time and I do a lot of those little things away from the puck to make the game easier much more straight ahead.

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