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It's not somebody i one around on my team win little injection there everybody uses analytics they just don't call it that right is call it information like the original analytic in the nhl was assists if you go back to original game sheets in the nhl on the game sheets themselves the nhl encourages the officials score to include assists and at the time the fought was while hang on hachem that's worth as much as the guy that scored the goal of just as one point and so is a goal that makes no sense that guy didn't score the goal it was greeted the same way that corsian fenwick water sat relate to the success of a team or not so when a lot of assists were the very first analytic probably greeted the same way that even plusminus was greeted 1968 when it first started for everybody uses i just called information yes hate the term analytics because it gets people's backs up and polarize the people and it creates a divide if we just call it all information based governing alec learning i'm grew at that were all being a much happy replace everybody uses information and i agree with you that's what you do you know i think the problem in florida was they tried to do too much too quick they change too much of a team that was going in the right direction and you know i think off the ice to they made a lot of changes that road people the wrong way and you know if you're going to do something like that you have to have the conviction to stay with it for a long time and the organization did or think a more the conversation with tom dondon any f you to the carolina hurricanes in a couple of moments the meantime will start the podcast officially welcome to 31 thoughts the podcast brought to you by the all new two thousand eighteen gmc terrain.

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