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I mean that scene a commodity strategist Daniel Hynes is it too early to be talking about the potential closure of the straits of Hormuz which could potentially this rob global oil supply I mean that's one of the the possibilities at the moment I think the risks to that caring a relatively low the thing high yeah last year when we actually sore tax on on on tank is there for me it's it's more the risks around five rock itself and and obviously some of the the the other actors within the the industry in particular then is why not I think for a rock if the conflict as white in within that country then we've got a significant issue there it's the second biggest I pick up producer and and certainly the U. S. so spies has being involved in by its own supply yeah to react to disruptions within the Middle East Side around yeah that does rise the the possibility of some some disruptions in that in that country outside of that I think in Venice why does it probably involved and then the door I government there with the U. S. focus more on on the Middle East and we're likely to say ongoing issues as a result on the on the oil industry and invite is so I was really impact output there is well you're more interviews like this one on Bloomberg television streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings markets headline and breaking news twenty four hours a day the Bloomberg business the Bloomberg business slash in Moscow it is seven seventeen on Wall Street and Bloomberg daybreak is on a customer terminals ring you all the news you need to start your day let's get a check of the latest headlines it had a George at the Bloomberg daybreak desk good morning Hannah good morning Karen around five fifty missiles at US bases in a rock risking further action from president trump Iran says the move concludes proportionate measures in retaliation for the killing of an Iranian general meantime president trump tweets all is well and so far so good well damage assessments continue he'll make a statement this morning a Boeing seven thirty seven crashed after takeoff in Tehran killing all one hundred seventy six passengers and crew around transport ministry suggested a fire was to blame and some sing B. turnings estimates for the fourth quarter results driven by smart phones she has gained one point eight percent and so full of in using the start was a checkout daybreak on your mobile phone on the green tick anywhere up Karen alright Hannah thank U. S. and P. futures now about six point two Dow futures down nineteen nasdaq futures of sixteen the dachshund Germany's up two tenths percent ten year treasury of one thirty second year of one point eight one percent may yield on the two year one point five three percent NYMEX crude oil is down to ten percent of thirteen cents at sixty two fifty eight a barrel and call my school of a third of a percent or five dollars ten cents at fifteen seventy nine sixty an ounce and that's a Bloomberg business flash Tom and John Kerin thanks so much to a.

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