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I'm doing a special live event that I'm really excited about. If I had to choose, but gun to my head, I say my favorite band of all time was Java from Washington DC. Even though I spent most of my life going up in the south and central Ohio. It was the DC punk rock scene that spoke to me. I never quite latched onto the punk nihilism of New Yorker LA, but DC had all the anger and action of those scenes mixed with fierce independence and social responsibility, and also really creative music. It was the creative force and informed everything I've made since then, including this podcast and radio topa Bill Bo was a guitarist ajar box, and he Cohen in India recommended. But now he's the president and co, founder of a design firm called three spot. We're committed to helping those who are committed to helping others, and we're going to have a live onstage interview about punk rock independence, creativity, and mission, and making quality work that matters join me and Bill plus special musical guest. I can't tell you who they are yet, but they make me very, very happy. I'm so excited for this fray special one of a kind live event hosted by the DC chapter of the day on Friday, September. Fourteenth at six pm at the Howard theatre in Washington DC go to DC dot g dot ORG for tickets. I really hope to see you there. It's like worth traveling to. So he's going to be that good. Thanks. This is ninety. Nine percent invisible. I'm Roman Mars. Most of the American west is owned by the federal government about eighty five percent of Nevada sixty one percent of Alaska and fifty three percent of Oregon. The list goes on and there have always been questions about how this immense swath of land should be used. Should we allow ranchers to graze cattle or should the western land be a place where wild animals can roam free and be protected, or is it land? We wanna reserve for recreation as you can imagine, there's no consensus on the answers to those questions, but there are a lot of strong feelings and over the years, those strong feelings have sometimes bubbled up to the surface and manifested in protests and even violence in two thousand sixteen a group of armed militants occupied malheur national wildlife refuge in western Oregon. There were led by cattle rancher by the name of Ammon Bundy the son of cliven Bundy preps you heard about it, but never really understood exactly what it was all about. Well, today we bring you a story from. Long reads in Oregon public broadcasting reported by Lisa Tilly, and it's the first in a series they put together that looks deeply into the fascinating and even sometimes wonky details of how the American west is managed, where the bundy's are so angry about it and the religious ideology that undergirds their fight against the federal government. It's an amazing series that spins a good yarn but also resonates with so many aspects of current US. Politics is also about land management, which is really exciting. From personally this episode, one of Bundy Ville. Here's Lisa Tilley. By his own account, Nevada, rancher cliven Bundy never wanted to start a war with the federal government. He says that if they just left them alone out here in the desert, none of this would have ever started. And if you want to see him as the folksy hero of a modern day western, you can choose to see him that way. Here's a good starting point. It's a random YouTube video, and it shows a blonde haired little boy toddler. He's wearing dusty, red polo shirt, blue jeans. He lays stunned in the dirt having just been knocked down and he's considering whether or not he wants to cry. He'll be up. Oh, makes broke. Boy shakes off his cowboy hat wearing grandpa and putters away. Zoll about raising Cowboys. He's tough. See out is he got run over by a horse and he's out there going all ready, nothing to it. He says, toddler looks back at his grandpa. He points to the west and the camera follows patch of bright green grass comes into view against the Nevada desert. It's the color of life. It stands out in place for everything else looks dead. This is Orlando. This land is a free land. This land is a place that we can enjoy and use. That's cliven Bundy as he'd like to be seen peaceful farmer home studying on one hundred sixty acre ranch near bunkerville, Nevada. But in two thousand fourteen just a few weeks after this video was shot on the same piece of land cliven Bundy and his sons were anything but peaceful. They'd raised a militia that was pointing guns at federal agents, what the bundy's called a tarantula government. Here he is onstage in bunkerville whipping the crowd into a frenzy demanding that the local sheriff bulldoze the buildings and the nearby national park so that the surrounding community might have free reign of land. Geico bait you. He says, you get the county equipment out there and tear those things down this morning. The sheriff just stands quietly on stage. He's guys thumbs hitched in his belt, the mob heckles in.

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