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And just go argonne while he's talking in and michael even tried to nail in protest but he hit and get back michael i can assure you he was not talking about you and jessica he was not i think he was talking about maybe cnn daiei eight eight now he in and out of that but are you concerned at all in in both your situation and then in the in the whole was the national media that the media has gotten too involved in the narrative well i can tell you as someone who's in the middle of the fight in the middle of the array of the the media has absolutely got into it is sometimes hard to the course on projects because i'm so i'm in the middle of it but there's very little factual reporting it seems to me to these days even than socalled hard news is basically opinions everybody has an agenda and maybe that's the new normal but the president is probably taken that more than anybody and i've i've seen it as well in my race a lot of stuff that just said that is totally not accurate and and i think that's one of the reasons president i talked about it actually a little bit he said you know you kinda you see what i've up against every day you know it's it's just a part of the process we have the live with completely just as an aside in that i know you've gotta get on the road do you think that donald trump for man not the pros do you think that he is frustrated with what he's having to contend with all i think he's very frustrated is not like me michael and i am not compare myself to the president i just come from a background where i've used to getting things done as attorney general i could decide what lawsuit what victories what priorities and we'd yet i'm done we got him on it in and that's his that's his record building thinks getting things done come into the president you've got so many problems to fix and you have to deal with so many different individual agendas most to time their selfish agendas people are trying to get power whatever they're not trying to get things done that's.

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