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So could that ever be something that could that could be made into a movie as her question? I think you call that movie SIA say a confederate states of America. I I was just gonna say them. And and it's interesting because you know, that movie has people have been fired for kind of being in. I got I had the actor that was fired for being in the film. Wait what why? Well, you know, there was an actor that plays the bad guy in the film. Right. And and he worked for Time Warner it's crazy in Kansas City, and and he had been in other movies, not just my movies. And so they were celebrating. They were kind of honoring him at a an event in Kansas City. And and they showed clips from the movies. And they showed a clip from say and they went oh by God. And they thought he was a racist because of the role he was playing in his it's kind of an example of the corporate problem America. They knew is wrote Time Warner Time Warner was distributing the movie at the time. Okay. Told those guys he's he's he's an actor. You know, when you see Hannibal Lecter in those movies. He's actually not eating people. Wait white. Yeah. Yeah. He's actually just pretending to be accountable. Stop. And and but with terms when it comes to race people corporate America has a really hard time. They have a hard time explaining stuff that's terrible. And so when when it comes to corporate America, if it's a problem, they just get rid of you. They don't explain you. They just get rid of you. And so I've had schools that have had to apologize to the entire school for showing the film. You know, there was a school in New York City that spikes kids went to. They showed the film there and the principal had to apologize to the entire school for showing the school the movie has no sex. No violence, only American history in the movie, and you and people cannot handle it. And it lets you it's American history mixed with satire, and it's very cutting. I mean, oh, no, no. Because I mean, come on. There's there's a commercial with necklaces that are like low jacks for for slaves. You know that was one of the commercials. So, but the, but at the end of the film, you see only know an afterward that shows all those commercials were based on real product right that existed in American life, nigger hair cigarettes, nigger hair tobacco dark toothpaste Sambol. Axle grease made in Kansas City, by the way. All of these were northern products. Darkies toothpaste is still now sold in China as Darlie toothpastes black man to pace still a black Boone guy on the cover of it and Jemima uncle, Ben. You know, all those come from the legacy of slavery. Uncle means. He's a house slave aunt means. She was a house slave. So it's why are you mad at me? Why are you? Why are you? Why are you upset about this American history win? It's just another example of the confederate monuments that are we're surrounded by that. We've not come to terms with. And so that's that's the thing that that the movie kind of does that's upsetting to folks because it makes you have to reevaluate everything you've been taught that's the problem with the film. Now did that offense eighty body is that you have to be able to explain it to folks it's like it's like Huckleberry Finn people want to give the people want to the version of Huck Finn..

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