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Rondo County why YMCA employee has been arrested accused of sexually abusing a child 23 year old Vincent Dominic was a childcare associate at the Y M C. A on Ritchie highway. Police say they have surveillance footage showing him sitting on the floor with a child on his lap, engaging an unwanted sexual contact. He's charged with 1/4 degree sex offense and a Rondo County police are looking for other potential victims, asking anyone with information to contact them. The PSA says it will resume defense training for airline employees. Help is on the way for airline workers dealing with a growing number of unruly passengers. Federal officials say they will resume offering self defense training to airline flight attendants and pilots, The PSA said. The classes, which were stopped due to Covid 19 will begin again in early July end their optional this week, the FAA said. Airlines have reported more than 3000 incidents involving unruly passengers. Since January 1st. And while the agency hasn't tracked these reports in the past, a spokesman said it was safe to assume the 2021 numbers are the highest ever. It's a P correspondent Shelley Adler. Have you ever been to the Garden LX in Alexandria, Virginia. The event space hosts growing pride in the garden. Tomorrow. The garden is our event space, and we kind of came up with this idea that we're growing pride. Programmer and marketer Emma Quinn presents Arts and crafts from 15. L G b T Q. Plus makers and allies we've got Bradshaw sauces, clover and maple woodworking. Delray Metal works do good soaps, handmade jewelry, pottery. You can also Find plenty of activities for the family. Washington's women's football team, the D. C. Divas will be their kids create studio. They're going to be popping up hands on kids activities. The event is free, but $5 donations are recommended to benefit safe space. Nova Combating bullying of LGBT Q. Plus youth Jason Fraley, deputy of the news If you've ever listened to punk rock, you've no doubt heard music recorded in an Arlington studio. And now it's the end of an era for inner ear studio. It's evolution, Everybody.

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