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Then vin diesel just kind of looking at the least just the most dis sexiest man. I can imagine no never had it. Now she so they use a new vin diesel for each movie the prestige but he's deteriorating because they're cloning the clones clones so it's just yeah dramatic sequence breaks a game of telephone and have you ever noticed diesel. His talking gets worse and worse each time. But yeah cardi b. insane cameo the most like pop culture recognized this person no bearing on anything completely insane. In and out she's gone. It's like two hours of shooting. I feel like they cut out a part of the movie where she's onscreen and the movie freezes so it can go bing cardi b. under her face you'll comeback in the next one. I i'm guessing. I don't think it'll be a large role though that something. Though like is very clearly bounded. They set up a peacock series. That won't happen. It won't happen but that was what it felt like. This is a setup for iraq. Shitty peacocks without also like a john whisk. Ask john. he's speaking to his like you've got to break a few eggs. Yeah no this is like a john wick esque world building hinting at like. Oh what is vin diesel. Gotten up to with these this band of like i guess like i almost like amazon's just like these gorgeous like cops are. They usually seems like they stole part of the plot from spring breakers and was like we're gonna fit him into here maybe so goes dry. Super something my fucking driving. Deeming his like this series. Do you have a schoolgirl costume. Your official uniform well. This movie loves white person dreads or these this series. I should say yeah. Yeah but you wanna talk about the scene so tired and they finally did it these crazy. They've been teasing it for longtime. Everyone wants tiresome ludicrous goto space in like a ninety three chevy nova or something right. I've got so we're nova is a nova nice dog shatter or either a saturn or a pontiac. One that's been discontinued. That's part of the job. Like a two thousand and three saturn. It's a really shitty car very shady. They like weld together. Fly up into the atmosphere. That guy from tokyo drift flies them into space Where they take off on a rocket and our in-space in scuba outfits. He's the guy from tokyo drift. Because he didn't know who southern guy. Oh nuhan was he knew on. Am a third guy. Who's just part of their team. Who doesn't.

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