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The ball up on us when the remaining seven yards into the end zone to score the touchdown and put the buck ears on top the john salako cornerback playing on special team certainly was the right man at the right spot at that point new orleans if they win this game win the afc south title they'll have a home game next week if they don't win the game they're still in the playoffs but nonetheless their playoff positioning we'll be quite as good eleven forty six the clay in the ball game right now despite 3 interceptions of quarterback jamus winston tampa bay on top it's the buchan ears twenty and the new orleans saints seventeen matt brian is just a short steel automated south could sixteen panthers seven and a terrific ankle tackle prevented mom its new from getting a first down on that drives they had to settle for three so a ninepoint leads to the falcons forty five seconds gone by in the fourth quarter and jodi steven house could just nailed a field goal but also on the court ruled out now with the bills up by a score of twenty two to three with all of minutes lust whether he's really her door whatever the stent of the ankle injury he suffered up by three touchdowns in a third quarter in miami's put up a grand total of three points there's no way shady mccoy's making it back out onto the field they are hoping that deal be good to go next week they wanna give them selves every chance a possibility that that's the case so i'm not surprised that they've made it official shady done for the decks yes and no if you just mr the second ago we give you the news ian rappaport reports that uh believed to be a broken tibia ford.

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