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Upload our rankings use the strategy articles easy game ever start here with the big injury news carson wentz out five to twelve weeks after a foot injury dr carson wentz down to qb thirty in our underdog. Ranks not really factor. Anyway was never someone i was taking. I think the bigger question is in on wednesday himself. It's how does this timeline has injury effect. Jonathan taylor how does it affect michael pittman and before you go. I'll say this. There is some optimism around the colts that maybe could be back by week one. I'm kind of to go. But there's some optimism that he could be back by week. One howard thinking about jt and pitman and hines and all these guys now in the wake of carson wentz his injury especially because he is like devolved into a scattershot. Passer i think that a big part of his game was going to be in indianapolis with was using his legs. I mean he's a good athlete when he's been healthy he's been productive scrambler in. I don't know if that's gonna that's gonna be discouraged now by the coaching staff If you read some of the internet doctors around they they are kind of skeptical. That carson wentz will have his normal mobility one of the best aspects of carson wentz. Laming in indianapolis with was that he was going to reunite with frank reich. And now you know who they they went to the super bowl together. Well carson wentz didn't make it to the super bowl but he played at a super bowl cowboy level in mvp cowed level. Frank reich was with him during his rookie season as well and now they're not gonna be able to work together on the field for the entirety of training camp. He's not gonna take any reps in preseason and then you sort of an unknown i just. I think it's going to be a rocky year for indianapolis where you been down on their win. Total down on their chances of making the playoffs. I think they were probably going to see a couple of different quarterbacks. See time frene apples. And i also think that it's a poor setup now for michael pittman who is not really necessarily a separation receiver in one of the one of the better things about carson wentz throughout his Ben that he has been willing to throw the ball into tight windows and you know theoretically the carson wentz michael pittman connection had shot a now. I mean if he's not playing i. I think that that's really going to sink. Michael pittman and i've lot of a move down. Michael pittman quite a ways in my top one fifty. Yeah let's talk about jonathan taylor for a second. Jonathan taylor is not game script independent. I think jonathan taylor gonna lose a lot of passed down work to behinds and if that's the case if you think. That is the case like while. Negative games for the colts. Not going to be good for jonathan taylor. I believe you dropped him to twelve overall. Did you think about going lower on. Jonathan taylor and how would you think about him now. Right and you mentioned the game scrap. Let's look at the colts opening schedule. week one at home against seattle. I'm all over seattle in his. We've been over all over seattle for months here and now it's looking even better with the injury to carson wentz. So i think that they in. I think she had a wins. That game a week to against the rams. The rams are kind of thin but they'll be healthy in week two and so they're going to be getting the coaching getting the best of the rams. That's not a good match up. I don't think for indianapolis week three. They go to the titans. I think that the titans at this point should probably be the favourite to win the afc south. I'm putting my money on on a long shot. Bet on the jaguars to win the afc south but right now. I think that the titans should be slight favorites to win the afc south. This'll be a road game. Home field advantage should be back this year with fans in the stands presumably nen. It goes the dolphins nick ravens overmatched in both of those games. So i think if the colts are at risk of a really really slow start. That would not bode particularly well for jonathan taylor. I mean you're you're taking him address. You're obviously going to be still starting him but i think it is a big concern for him as a player. That is going to lose passing down snaps and targets to nahim heights. Yeah i would have no problem dropping taylor right now behind the likes of joe mixon antonio gibson saquon barkley. I would have no problem with that whatsoever. People were worried about this. Jonathan taylor situation. I will sam a little bit higher than you on michael pitman. I would still take michael. Pittman ahead of the jalen waddell randall. Cobb bershad perriman types. I think michael is the guy they absolutely need to rely on. I don't know a ton. About jacob to be honest. I still think they can. Trade for jimmy garoppolo. Marcus mariota. Maybe nick foles. But you wanna give a thirty seconds on on jacob eastern for anybody who doesn't know a lot about him Really lacking in athleticism might have been a guy that fifteen years ago would have gone a little bit higher in the draft not dominate in college. Through like around fifteen touchdown passes the final season. The camp reports have been not good about jake unison. So far it's either. He's throwing a bunch of passes to running backs or he's throwing the ball to the other to the defense So jacobson was kinda thought of highly. I think coming out of high school but he's not really the type of quarterback that excels in today's nfl anymore. With just a distinct lack of mobility. I will say i mean carson wentz was downright dreadful last year. One of the worst quarterbacks the nfl. And i'm not saying that to be funny. Clearly one of the worst quarterbacks in the nfl last year was carson. Wentz still obviously downgrade to jacob eastern. I did think that wentz with frank reich in the bible narrative back he was gonna pay better this year. Something more exciting trae lance our boy. I mean god we've been on trae lands for months climbing hard reports out of forty. Niners cam is that trey. Lance has just running circles around. Jimmy garoppolo i almost fired on trae lance plus three thirty to start week. One point decided to pass. Because.

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