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By stinging sunlight. Even when his I had adjusted, he found the new arrival difficult to look at. He's shone like the sun divine power, unlike any Argus had seen among the Titans. The two other Psychlo peas and the 300 handed ones rose to their feet to stare at this newcomer. You look like a titan. What would you want from us? Taunt us with freedom? Perhaps? No, my brother. I offer it to you If you fight, but cite me. We will never fight alongside the titans who betrayed us. You will When you learn who we fight. For We are not Titans. We are something new. You seek to depose Cronus. My name is Zeus. I'm the son of Cronus. With your help. His successor. Argus grinned bearing his jagged teeth. Even without looking, he could tell that his brothers were filled with the same passion for revenge. And he had just the skills to aid this young God Ling, the three cyclo peas, Argus, Brontes and Therapies set about forging spears made of light. That would split the clouds with their raw power weapons Zeus could use to bring his father to hell. Welcome to mythology apart, cast original. Every Tuesday. We present dramatic stories from ancient mythology and explore their origins. I'm your host, and narrator Vanessa Richardson. Over the next two weeks, will explore the theme of fatherhood through two of the most infamous patriarchs in the Greek pantheon. That is the story of Zeus and his father, the Titan Cronus. This iconic story poses an interesting philosophical question is our mortality the only thing that allows our Children to take our place or his succession from parent to offspring inevitable? Even if we live forever. The age of the Titans has been called a.

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