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This, the expressway South is good. Leaving the city down, passing opponents That circle and north found looks pretty good all the way past Columbia Road. Miking with W. P. Z's traffic on the threes. The Heat wave continued in Boston today as it hit 90 degrees fourth day in a row. It's done that you will be seeing the temperatures cooled down a little bit over the next few days. And as we look toward tonight it's partly cloudy with temperatures in the upper sixties and low seventies times of clouds and sun Tomorrow, the humidity is goingto climb back up a little bit, so it'll feel over the less comfortable Temperatures about 80 tomorrow near the harbor 85 inland. Watch out first of showers or thunderstorms late in the day, a very warm day on Thursday with the humidity it'll feel even warmer, 85 for the high intervals of clouds and sun and some strong thunderstorms. Ah, possibility during the afternoon and evening warm on Friday, sticky sun and clouds near 85 in the humidity should leave us for the weekend, leaving a dry with some sunshine right now 90 degrees in Boston. Federal prosecutors say China has been spying on the computer network of the Massachusetts biotech working on the potential covert 19 vaccine. They say the hackers also poked around in the systems of a Maryland company. ABC is Alex Stone tells US two Chinese nationals have now been indicted. Federal prosecutors in the U. S. Claimed the two actors have been working for the Chinese government for over a decade, hacking into companies, including recently those developing cove it 19 vaccines, testing technology and freed mints, the alleged goal being to steal intellectual property. Eddie FBI deputy director David about it. She's hackers, directed by the Chinese intelligence services.

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