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Ray Appleton is on newstalk five eighty one oh five nine K. M. J.. yeah I am. Russia right now as a matter of fact. red Cavanaugh has been hit with some fresh sexual misconduct allegations. this time at Yale in the nineteen eighties amid the claims that the FBI did not investigate the incident before the the content you is. contentious confirmation. why why why even bring this up again why why why I mean the the first stop that the first time around through this he was just blown to pieces the case was so weak but maybe that's why maybe they think they really got something on him but this is a New York times article surprise detailing an account by classmate Max tire who says he saw cabin I was a freshman at the time at this party with his pants down. Gordon all the stories you know Brett Kavanaugh spent a lot of time in his pants down in college so friends allegedly pushed. his manhood into a female students and in a dorm party so I guess this was a gang grow pot involving Kavanaugh's. yeah. and so this guy Stiers telling senators in the FBI about this and also he's complaining the bureau did not investigate it according to The New York Times best tires with this alleged friend of capitalism friend runs a nonprofit in Washington. and has declined to discuss the story publicly why is he bringing up however he did cooperate the story with officials who spoke earlier with fire knocking camera is obviously the declined to talk to the York times about stars allegations. he's denied all of the accusers in the a gala geishas in the past of course. so the claim is similar to the allegation made by a former accuser. emperor merece who unlike Christine lousy Ford was asked not to testify at Cabela's confirmation hearings. she however was interviewed by the FBI. and remember us claim that you know. can I get to watch my language on this. so I want to convey in the way that it it's easily convertible but in doing that I lose my job rumors claim the Kabbalah exposed himself to her and rested in her face and a dorm party forcing her to touch it then comma. so these new allegations of unwanted sexual contact revealed was it Saturday yeah I was detailed in this lengthy New York times article about Romero's which adds as the paper says wait tour allegation. now the reporters wrote did during a Senate testimony miss Cavell said the law if the incident Mister Merrett described had occurred it would have been the talk of the campus. and now the reporting well it twice. for the fifty two year old research psychologist. and professor through all this national attention last year you know what you did after she came forward with the sexual assault allegations following the appointment of capital and we'll have to go through the whole story again but they get to the point about this latest one. the individual that. this supposedly happened to. has no relevance recollection of it happening. what the New York times goes ahead then jump Cendant puts it out there anyway and then Gee whiz by the way we forgot to tell you. I don't know what to do with his stuff anymore I mean it's I I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you about it because it's in the news but at the same time I feel totally ridiculous because it's just so undocumented invalidated it's there's there's nothing to hold up as being the real deal again it's just something sensational it's about a trump appointee the guy's a Supreme Court justice and there's just this air out there that so there are a number of people who just want to believe any of this stuff. I just hope it's so true. they hold on to it with their every breath. and even when they're told later well the victim doesn't remember how the victim wasn't sure it was him the victim the victim the alleged victim. they don't let it go. and that's the problem in a very general way we've talked about this so many times when a man is accused. whether you did or not when a man is accused and he could be as innocent as the day is long. the accusation leaves the stigma hanging over the man for the rest of his life. with women and granted the the allegations against women are are far less frequent than men of course but it doesn't seem to be the same way with a woman if a woman is accused of. you know having sex with a male minor. and it turns out that it was completely bogus he was head of plaque from a group of young boys Hey no problem that poor woman she's a victim of terrible. but if it's if it's a male teacher there was accused of forcing himself on a bunch of young female minors and he's exonerated. right did not happen we know that beyond a shadow of a doubt did not happen the stigma is always there. always there. so if you're. for a minute trouble point de well that stigma is also a. so therefore when these stories recycle when something new comes around boy you gonna jump on this big time because one of these days we're gonna keep throwing darts at the wall we're actually hit something and it could be true. so I feel about stuff you know. it just gets hold. coming up I got some good stories I wasn't getting about this solid gold toilet that's been stolen that was from Winston Churchill's birthplace I know where they're solid gold toilets and I will explain I will explain. and we've got a great story about some animals work for the CIA. right. you know I love animal stories today's daily bus question of our to give that to you I think I have we'll do it again why not the actress Felicity Huffman gets a Hoffman gets fourteen days in prison in the varsity.

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