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It's a summer movie you can't miss for the fall election we. Can't lose bring. A liberal friends with you. To see death. Of a nation it's a story they won't hear anywhere else it's rated, PG thirteen isn't theaters August third for more, information and to. Watch the trailer you can, go to death. Of a nation movie dot com that's death of a nation movie dot com Lacks is in Cleveland Ohio lecture, in the Larry. Elder show thank you so, much for calling Hi out very big average show make you, go so he goes to, college and as many socialists been in. My college and you know and Especially. Versatile will getting better say God is doing very good. With it they're saying they spend spend less money for the same kid as? US, does he stays? Cheaper because they involved and there's no? Agreed how, do they explain to them that socialism. Every single payer healthcare don't work how how do I how would you explain it to, them Yeah. Well first of all the the statement about Canada. Is false a. Few years ago the incoming head of the Canadian medical association. Equivalent of our AMA she said. Our healthcare, system is imploding and we need to. Have more competition not less moreover lacks the guy that basically invented the Canadian healthcare. System I'm going to screw up his last name I never took French is called, Claude gasden way something like. That he is the father of the of the Canadian healthcare system he still alive. In his nineties he said we screwed. Up by outlawing private competition we need more. Competition in order to achieve the kinds of excellence that we want so, the guy that created the system is now saying that we made a. Mistake we should have had competition we didn't competition by the way when they. Created their healthcare system lacks was illegal you couldn't go. To a private doctor you'll be committing a crime if you did and the? Guy, that designed the? System now says that was a mistake Okay lax I would also, tell you this on the. Larry elder website there's an article called how laws fair made Sweden rich it's a. Pretty long article I suggest you take. It read it and maybe distributed to some. Of your friends because this nonsense about Sweden that joy Behar referred to I've told you before Sweden got wealthy when they had taxes and regulations that were lower than ours The guy that wrote it is from Sweden Quote Sweden often gets held up as an example. Of how socialism can work better than markets Once upon a time I got interested in theories, of economic development because I studied, a low income country poorer than the Congo with life expectancy. Half as long and infant mortality three times as high as the. Average developing country north country, that was my own Sweden less. Than one, hundred, fifty years ago he writes at that time Sweden was incredibly poor and hungry crop failures People leaving the country and he said that people. Left the country because they, had no opportunities it all changed when a Guy who wasn't even economists. Convinced them that they need to be employing free markets he wrote a pamphlet which was not published widely headed been published he might have been called the. Father of modern economics because it came in eleven years before before, wealth of a nation, was published in seventeen seventy six socialism failing to work as it always. Does this time in Venezuela You talked about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there's no food and who do you. Think is the richest person in Venezuela the daughter of Google Hello Anyway Quote in one thousand nine hundred fifty Sweden was known as a great success story taxes were lower and the public sector smaller than the rest of Europe and the United States in the.

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