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More All in one place. Start your free trial at audible dot com. Married the pump WTP traffic Storm Team four's Lauren Ricketts has the details on the snow. That is on our way. But first the details on this very cold Saturday morning Yeah, very chilly Saturday morning temperature is pretty much all in the twenties. At this point. We've got a couple of teams out there, but most of us are coming through the twenties right now, as we've got some sunshine Fine this morning. More clouds this afternoon headed into the mid topper thirties for daytime highs today. Now is we continue into the overnight That's when we'll start to see some snow moving in anywhere between about 4, A.m. and 7 a.m. pushing in from the South and west and moving to the north and east all snow through the day tomorrow, and it is going to be a heavy at times tomorrow and again, Everybody will have snow tomorrow or generally speaking for date inches little bit more north and west, possibly 6 to 10 little bit less to the South and east. 3 to 6. Still, though, in southern Maryland before it starts to change over to rain, and it will start to change ever rain, too, by tomorrow evening. And that will first take place South and East D C through Southern Maryland, Northern neck, and eventually that line will edge closer to D. C. Pushing back to the North and West. I do believe D. C will change over to a little bit of freezing rain, possibly some sleep now, the thing about tomorrow night into Monday morning, it's gonna be lighter. Snow stays north and West. But again, it's gonna be light. And then we'll continue to see some light. Wintry mix through the day on Monday, not get the lady on a little glaze of ice. Especially around the D C area and points to the North and West now eventually will pull some cold air back into this Monday afternoon Monday night, so everybody changes back to a few light snow showers. Monday night and through Tuesday. I'll by Tuesday afternoon breezy all through these days tomorrow is going to be breezy and the afternoon money will be breezy. Tuesday will be breezy, but again generally speaking 4 to 8 inches of shovel Snow 25 right now in Washington, Gaithersburg, 19. Leesburg 25 minutes. This 23 brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee only at mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. It's 8 42 2 women are in the hospital after a drive by shooting in Southeast D. C. Police say the shooting happened around 1 a.m. at the intersection of 34th Street and do what place Southeast. Police say the two women were sitting in a parked car when someone another car drove up and shot at them. Two victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. No arrests have been made. It was like the scene out of a horror movie back in 2017 when firefighters discovered a network of tunnels under a Bethesda home and demands body in one of them. Eventually the home's owner was convicted of murder. But now a Maryland court has overturned that conviction. In its opinion, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals found there was not enough evidence for a jury to convict Daniel Beckwitt of depraved.

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