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Unc humphries on this team which i did not realize until i looked at their depth chart but doesn interesting. I actually kinda like logan thomas attendant. I think he's got a good. The one down. I have about. This team is a little bit dubious about the offensive line. Particularly the tackle position is a question. Mark i know they brought in. Charles leno Everyone thought they would draft an often tackle early on. They took jamie davis linebacker instead. But other than that. I think financing ryan's wardrobe. It is used to play with that often slides. Yeah the line. The line is a bit of a concern. But you get surf back. They drafted. Who has sam cosmi in the second round. He's probably the favourite to start at right tackle. But i just love. I'm with you fit fitzpatrick as like the point guard with seven or eight options to throw to. We both love antonio gibson. We both kind of quietly are fans of young turner. Scott turner call on the place like it last year. He did not deserving waiting for what we saw last year. No when you watched it. I thought they made sense. I thought they maxed out what they could do. And i think it started a little bit with the shanahan falcons but to me. The the clearest path to offense of success right now is having six or seven guys to throw to like. You can't just have two or three. Unless you have. Russell wilson and like decay. Metcalf in tyler lockett. But not. there aren't many there aren't any teams with that sort of trio. Like if unless you have that you need to have six or seven guys you can throw to and you just listed off. So many you didn't lift off like camps These amazing the plateau kelvin harmon. Who actually made some plays in two thousand nine hundred ninety east coming up attorneys. I don't even know if he makes his team. But that's the point. I can't they don't have to know that like going into camp where these guys are all going to slit like phil like if adam humphreys at signed with this team last year we would be talking about him as a major signing. So who knows you might help them to and gibson. There are only about five or six running backs. I'd rather have then gibbs if that yeah. I thought he'd be good. I didn't think he'd be as good reading to the douglas. This was really cool. Blair didn't know if you saw the story. The offseason that terry mclaren scary to was working on his releases with doug baldwin that pulo pep in my step that got the got. The blood flowing pulled up some doug. Release highlights and yeah. I'm all in on the washington offense so very exciting. Okay stopdown down. You want me to throw an hour. I'm going to stop down. Panthers offensive line. I mean this. Why you've come to the times featuring lenny because who else to talk about the panthers offensive line. I was like what if have not talked about this offseason. What it hasn't gotten a lot of attention. The panthers offense i think on paper took a step back. I'm going to ignore quarterback. We've talked enough about teddy. But i don't think you know anyone can say with certainty that sam darnold like is a sure thing so what you want is for his situation to be really advantageous yet. Get christian mccaffrey back healthy. But your little thinner at receiver without curtis samuel there number three now behind robby anderson. Dj more is terrorists marshals like okay a deep threat rookie on the outside it. Those guys we always like slot in are gonna be great like you have to find out and see but i'm talking about the offensive line specifically where right now camera was quoted tuesday that he is expecting to be the surefire starter left tackle. That's a problem. Line is slated to be one of their starters at guard. That's a problem Matt paradis who has not played well since coming over on a big free agent contract would have been released if he didn't take a pay cut. That's a problem and they're probably hoping to start brady christianson. Who is a third round pick. There was like this little behind the scenes like these like draft confidential but it's produced by the team so obviously everything in it is safe enough. But they're interested. You can get some interesting things out of it and matt rule. They showed him while. Christianson was still on the board being like he. We see him as a second round guard in the third round tackle so that indicates probably be starting at guard. But i don't know man. Can't cam protecting sam darnold. I i would put this in the bottom. Five offense of lines in the league and that that's a problem. Yeah that's it's not.

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