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Lotion do you get another look really to get some sun because i work at night lou had a little extra few minutes this morning i appreciate it we would like everybody to please follow us on social media especially if you're a new listener the sean harvey morning show featuring the wakeup cup team which is the page that we broadcast of right now please make sure that you can follow it because then you'll be notified every time we go live we have a group page that is also on facebook leshan harvey morning show featuring a bright what do you think the white glove failure tell ya giving coming at you i think it's the lay amber amber this everyone in the stephen burrow jot says he put some lotion and make sure you guys are on the group age it's so much fun we post a lot a lot of good stuff on instagram sean harvey morning show also on i heart radio yes make sure you guys download the app if you already have it shaun aubrey morning show under podcast and follow that we truly appreciate you and you also want to make sure you guys go check out the iron mule it's on eight thirty one south up delaware drive and that's in easton pennsylvania and they have great food great drinks guys go there to date thank you sanjay out out they also do have the cash please don't open on cash is don assan as harvey morning show i think everyone who donates well like i said it keeps the doors get them when he right-back the soviet loss and thank you also our website shaw modest show on dot com please we supported and also this next break jay is sponsored by our good.

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