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Okay that cnbc uses the calls four thousand people randomly selected every six weeks and asked them to rank of their preference of cheddar cnbc bloomberg fox business of those who have you cheddar in all the age categories below i think forty four years old we ranked number one so i think there's i think there's evidence we built a brand i think people love the content the guests come on it gets picked up outlets all over the place i think for two year old toddler i mean we built a cable network that people know one recognize so how much does that is is weird product videos the facebook stuff is overwhelmingly the product video stuff yeah but that pivots these weird but that's the only shared on the other dot co only thing that works on facebook so you know it's a bit like we put comics in the comic section right we don't we don't put that on twitter we don't put that on slaying we don't put that on youtube we don't put that on file look it's facebook's problem the facebook made a very square box and only one type of content fits in that's marketing so i've you face because marketing and the only kind of commercials that work on facebook or gadget videos back in two thousand seventeen you had this to say about facebook facebook i struggle with your dealing with an algorithm that is so wild and unpredictable i try not to get obsessed by it i know it's not real i try to get on other platforms that are more real insensible when i see things going wild on facebook it's woman getting attached to or something exploding or counter where people are voting on it our live interview with senator bob casey doesn't perform as well as that nonsense it's hard to get worked up about it.

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