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And that's how you fight among twitter c key are people know was up wait a minute one minute is not one minute i am straight up like you'll know me and i know he and his against around your guys i guess i similar up in their customer base opener became more be'safe switched on hunted he's got to derail minaj animal animalbased such huddling with you arts are made this trump is hot it is a high tumors trim his hand radio trouble i i look at their base where you know where to say hey listen in on the app maybe you're here have more space to my hair phones are cricket the base product deeper trouble to come through did you wrote to the streets with his key yeah met he is cool earth strain so nancy armor is is there her name on the lodge punter she's coming on in the race hazare or social security number not dale my god so yeah nancy armor armor i believe her name is armor phnom certainly spilled usa today uh wrote a story she's going to join us in ten minutes and she wrote a story about how she thinks lebar balls the worst sports parent ever in other words parent ever but she says specifically out we would be a worse pair a c specifically's katie you're boy marina chair marred marin of it she said that she is that he is surpassed marv muratovich as the worse sports parent ever now kee you know a little bit about more myrna mitch yeah we had a conversation with her because it that that doesn't even i i don't know where where she live where she from where research arts we meeting right at usa today oh and i see your booty for this stage lane and then i just simply said mary pearson's.

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