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He's been self isolating for about five days, but recently just yesterday did test positive and is now quarantining the total number of people connected to the White House or campaign who are infected 18. Some would argue that number is more like 20 for NBC's Hallie Jackson reporting as Colorado Springs City leadership works on its budget for the coming year. Mayor John Suthers says the 2021 budget is not written in stone. But we have to be very flexible. We could have Another downturn. We could have more shutdowns of portions of the economy, and if that happens, we're gonna have to shift gears and make more cuts and things like that. Council members hold a work session on the budget October 20th, followed by a public hearing in town hall on the 26th Well, Here comes the weather 12 Punch. Residents in Mobile, Alabama are worried about Hurricane Delta while they're still recovering from Hurricane Sally. Delta's expected make landfall on Louisiana Friday. Passing through Ah, Mississippi and Alabama over the weekend. Also. Kansas CITY CHIEFS Q B Patrick Mahomes and his foundation are helping fund a polling place for the 2020 general election. His foundation, the fans and the team all splitting the check for 25 voting machines and 30 poll workers for a sighted Arrowhead Stadium. Rianna is apologizing after some of her Muslim fans pointed out that a song played during her recent lingerie fashion show contained a sacred text. 2017 remix of the song Doom from English producer kooky, glowing played in the background as models strut it on the runway. The song includes a deep narration the head It is a collection of traditions containing sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. Did NBC News Radio's Niccum Aga haste Coming up? We heard from a trump surrogate last half hour now a Joe Biden surrogate gets her turn as we focus on tonight's VP debate that at 7 24 1st traffic every 10 minutes with Jonathan Steele. We're hanging in there pretty well here early this morning from the best sports traffic center think the worst of it's probably that to 70 run as well aside 76 out of commerce 76 is from 88 to 70 on the north outside for my seventies real tight. Getting up about Vasco's 25 improving a little bit out of Thornton. It is slow from 58th coming into downtown through spirit, but down to and from the tech center speeds remain on the high side, 2 to 5 just a little sluggish around the spillways. You make you wait back to I 25 I 70 backed up for about a mile now eastbound at E. 4 70. It's all road work through that stretch response by UnitedHealthcare UnitedHealthcare is America's number one Medicare plan provider. Visit US. See Medicare solutions dot com To learn more. That's US Medicare.

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