Adler, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden discussed on Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough


Adler in a Facebook video posted last month. The mayor posted it from Kabul stand Lucas, Mexico, Adler says that he didn't violate any of his own, or Texas governor Greg Abbott's orders by traveling. But in a Wednesday statement, Adler admits that he set a bad example while urging people to curb their own travel. He's the latest in a line of public officials across the country caught violating coronavirus restrictions that they have either advocated for or put in place themselves. From the USDA Radio NEWS Ohio Bureau. I'm Dan Iraqi CNN executives discussed burying the story about Hunter Biden's laptop and how to help Joe Biden with Cuban voters in Miami. That's according to newly released video by Project Veritas. On one video, CNN political director David Kallen is heard saying, Obviously, we're not going with the New York Post story right now on Hunter Biden, which seems to be giving its marching orders to Fox News and the right wing Echo chamber about what to talk about today. Or use a radio news. I'm Timberg. America should be grateful to God for the blessings. He's given us. Don't let anyone tell you. America's best days are behind her. We have got to fight for this nation because I believe with all my heart. This nation is in fact, one nation under God. Yes. So in the first hour I talked about I didn't. Why didn't talk about it? I read a statement. On the first hour from.

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