Senate, Alabama, Michael Bloomberg discussed on The Savage Nation


Baltimore I was concerned I'm Lisa listener fox news another career diplomat expressed worry about the phone call between president trump and the leader of Ukraine that's according to a closed door testimony released today by the committee's conducting the impeachment inquiry Deputy Assistant secretary of state George can't told health investigators he was told to lay low one Ukraine policy in difference to a back channel what by president trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani in closed door testimony last month Kent said Giuliani was on miscible starting in March it was behind the campaign of slander against former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yvonne of itch can toll house committees president trump pointed Ukraine's president to go to a microphone and say three words investigations Biden and Clinton in questioning from Republicans can said he had no direct knowledge security assistance to Ukraine was tied to opening investigation Sox's Jared help on on Capitol Hill the house intelligence committee now subpoena any acting White House chief of staff make Mulvaney saying last month already admitted from the White House briefing room that the president withheld vital military aid in order to pressure Ukraine to conduct investigations that would benefit the president's personal and political interests the general Jeff sessions has made it official announcing on fox's Tucker Carlson tonight it is running for Senate in Alabama you previously held the seat for twenty years also today former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he's considering running for president an investigation under way in Burlington Massachusetts after an apparent chemical reaction in the kitchen area of a buffalo wild wings deploy was found suffering from knowledge young victim was transported by Burlington ambulance to the Leahy hospital where unfortunately the patient passed away interim fire chief Michael Patterson at.

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