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Oscar pistorius the double amputee sprinter from south africa. Known simply as the blade runner was once considered the greatest paralympian of all time. He racked up. Gold medals broke world records and was celebrated as a hero in his home country of south africa. In two thousand twelve pistorious made history as the first amputee sprinter to compete at the olympic games. But then six months later he shot and killed his girlfriend. Revisted camp the shocking crime captivated people around the world but the ensuing media circus ultimately lost sight of the real victims and serious issues at stake in false idol. A new podcast from religion of sports. Npr rex journalists. Tim rohan reexamines. The story of oscar stories but tells it through different lens through the eyes of the people that pistorius impacted the lives. He devastated and the wake he left behind joined him as he traces pistorius rise and fall remembers the life of reva steenkamp and try to understand how a tragedy like her. Death could have happened searched for false idol. Wherever you listen to podcasts higher. Everyone i'm tim. Ruin host a false idol before we get started. I wanna let you know. This episode contains scenes and descriptions of domestic violence. This won't be the only episode where that's the case so throughout the series. We'll give you a heads up here. At the top of the show at the two thousand eight paralympics. The one hundred meter final was about to start and all eyes were on two runners to of the fastest amputees world. Well has added a long time for this event and in particular for one man. I'll scopus story. The whole stadium was buzzing about the stories. The young upstart from south africa. Who is known simply as the blade. Runner doesn't mind. Sentenced died but there are seven others in this rise. Once i saw that stadium i'll man was full of people that admiration the idolizing. I mean he was absolutely huge and they were one hundred percent there to see him win. That's marlins shirley an american sprinter. He was in the lane next to stories. He won the previous two gold medals in this event in his mind. This was his race to lose. I was gonna win doubt in my mind. I was not worry concerned. I was not going to win one hundred meter race but perhaps shirley should have been worried in the months leading up to this race. He dealt with staph infection in his knee and multiple surgeries. I did a few little run up the tracks. Kind of get that energy from the crowd. Going and i could just feel that little little tiny zinger in the back of my aquiles surely took his place in the starting blocks. He told himself. It's only ten seconds. I'll be fine and dislike that we're gone and my muscle memory just took over and is quick as race started. It ended marley here. Kuzma story has. The story is barely singleton at the line. What happened to shirley. He hit hard surely had ruptured his achilles midway through the race. I was actually really embarrassed. I just wanted to get out of there. You know is the loneliest place in the world. Even though i was the you know multi champion. The returning medalists. Don't matter i was a stay guy that was laying in the track. You know trying to hold back some tears and grabbing my ankle brian. frasure shirley's best friend. I've been running the knicks lane over and thank god. Brian was there just for seniors. Run across that line and comeback for me. If i had and had him there for me at that moment i don't know what i would have done. He picked me up and always be indebted to him. He made that moment tolerable eventually. Pistorious came over and padded shirley on the shoulder as pistorious left he turned and watched a shirley tried getting up and then crumbled to the ground again wincing in pain. We aware of what happened to him. Out of the corner. Ma dropped Obviously probably focusing on your end writes There's very very personal photo of exactly what it is like in a moment of officers little world. I'm down on the ground by qisas. Ruptured gate ruptured. Like you seem to stand in there to smile and hold hands like try is a perfect shot of me on the tracks in complete agony and pain you know and as you said they're just smiling. He's like no concern none. They'll small moments. Are you really see so much character. Those ramona's he's failed on. That race was the moment that pistorious blue by shirley and left him in the dust for good from their teresa. Go on to become arguably the greatest paralympian of all time. He'd win six paralympic gold medals rewrite the record books and become the first amputee sprinter to compete at the olympic games. He'd redefine what we thought about disability about human potential and inspire millions of people around the world then in a single night. everything changed. News is coming in the south. African police have charged oscar pistorius with murdered. The olympic athlete was arrested after his girlfriend was shot dead at his home in the early hours. Valentine's day twenty thirteen story is shot and killed his girlfriend. Rivas steenkamp. i'm tim ruin. And i'm a senior writer with religion of sports before coming to zero. I worked as a writer with the new york. Times and sports illustrated i followed from afar as destroys his murder. Trial made headlines around the world afterward. Several journalists wrote books and made documentaries trying to capture the stories his fall from grace. I read the books and watch the movies. And it felt like part of the story wasn't being told it often seemed as if people talk the story from pistorius point of view and they minimize the life of steenkamp oscar pistorius and reva steenkamp or one of the world's hot couples but now the paralympics superstar runner is accused of murdering his bombshell covergirl on valentine's day. But this is about so much more than oscar. pistorius it's about jenner as violence. This was someone store check but she was important enough. Despite the fact that she was brutally murdered. Hero worship people like oscar. Had god lack significant. We have very anxious not tarnish those images and a country. Having a long overdue reckoning with race we were so busy focusing on building utopia that we didn't go back and dismantle the horror of the system that we had inherited. I wanted to tell that story and to do that. We needed to look at it. From a different point of view. From the perspective of the people stories overshadow the livesey devastated in the wake. He left behind from religion of sports and he rx. This is false idol. We start our series with pistorius athletic career and his rise and no one had a better view of that then marlins shirley his main rival on the track before pistorius people had fallen in love with shirley and his story in the early eighties. When marlin was a young boy he lived with his mother and cheap motel not far from the vegas strip. She was a single mom and sex worker. I was born to a mother that was directed to drugs and she did what she could but she wasn't able to kick her habits. She often left young marlin to roam the city alone. One day. I was walking down the street and had car pulled next to me and it was the state who then took me away from my mother at that point and asked me if i was hungry looked. Of course i'm hungry. I gotta go to mcdonalds. I.

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