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And said this kid's a project but they saw something so he's a left tackle so when they go in grab Trent brown who actually protected Brady's blindside played left tackle but only for that one year so he was a right tackle but they feel comfortable enough with Cole Miller and his progress in his rookie year that they said you know what Trent Kopech to right tackle we're okay here I gotta give Kolton Miller credit he really stepped up his play very solid football at the blind side yeah he really has and you know I wasn't sure when they took him out of UCLA how well he would develop but give them credit he's done a really nice job I'll tell you what look in the NFL and to me you go back to whether it's you know in college football with Alabama or with some of these other teams the NFL with great offense of lines like the Dallas Cowboys with Jimmy Johnson he looked Dallas's offense of line now if you had that office of line and the defensive line that's really where you went I'm not trying to take anything away from the quarterback of the skill position guys but the offense of lines are so critical to how successful team could be looked even an average receivers get open against the best DB's if you've given enough time all right so we'll hope Daniel Carlson Texas kicking up we started with the raiders the kid couldn't miss after they grabbed him after Minnesota kind of what they did do last year was fined a punter big time pick up there with AJ call the third who stepped up nicely and look Alec Ingold very solid full back out of Wisconsin we talk badgers to already before and we gotta talk quarterback real quick because Derek Carr last year down the stretch played differently.

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