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Alice, Disney, Mets discussed on Channel 52: The DC Podcast


Just. was back newsprint. Give back the newsprint. Deeper for that. Thing and US thank you. While they would pass things onto the consumer. Are you crazy? I know the praises never coming down. No matter what they do I, know. I just I just want to throw this out here at I. It really interesting that supposedly they're still trying to make a superman movie while there's an actual submit TV show that is green lit. It's kind of weird now because you know, boss owned Batman now Disney owned by. Don't know how that's GONNA war. That's very scary. I don't think Fox about. Did they just have the race to do constantly? Watching Utd right out. They still have that I just wonder if. They do I don't think they had the foresight the by bat from now I thought maybe when the deal went through that one. I don't know if it reverted a got bought like I'd have to look at the. Late? It's like Alad. Make a lot of Action Batmans. Because I mean. That was already going. In now we all know what happens. The because I'm trying to remember I. Think it. Will me and Charlie talking night I, think he we're. We're talking about spider-man Sony and I think he said like. If Sony gets bought or something like I, they lose the rights to Spiderman. Has the foresight thing. Hey, federated is loose. Really are popular. Yeah, you know we're not going bankrupt. Anymore Disney. Definitely that in, but I don't think that with eighteen t everything that they've been going through the foresight, because look just look at the math on every level from Warner media specifically to DC comments. Their lab action thing is just it's weird. It's weird each meal Max. What's that? Nobody knows. Trying to. Be provocative but nobody else. GETS PEOPLE GO. All right, so should we get out of here? So they drop in. That Hbo Max After Deo Callisto. Currently writes to Oh, they just own the rights to Adam West, burt hordes of Batman Sixty six in the TV show. I was GONNA say I didn't think the full rights okay makes sense. All right. So! Yes, gala about man. So we need. That may allow that. She has to be her. Last action actual. At a free, people can happen followed on saying hey superman. Superman GONNA TV show coming. Why not? That's my whole. Mets and Rube Ruby. And Ruby rose quit so. The recasting and I'd say Debbie babs personally. They have similar VEG and Ramirez Social. Tears still short at this point zero I haven't been on Instagram to while I saw a a bunch of names. People were thrown out Brooklyn? Just wants to be in the superhero business, any superhero franchise, so yeah, Oh yeah months ago. They were touting her HOLCOMBES I. Know. You know who I saw that. What's your face from crypt on? Yes on that you. From would be like. If you're not trying to be like all face with there is such as music similar. It wouldn't be that. And she actually does have a beer striking. Resemblance to Arcadia, who plays Alice so? Oh, yeah, true yeah! You. Want to light actually like not have these jarring now. Do the fresh prince at. You sure do look different this post-crisis crisis. That's what I was. GonNa say. Do. They just ignore. They changed actresses, or did they work into the story? Tonight varies the legislature they will. They can't ignore it, but if you go somebody, straighten different. You will have to address cause I. Mean we do have face swapping on this show? So I? Mean it could happen. I mean I mean. Mean you know it's going to happen? About women, but like I said the minute. That would be roses past agitated. She's very flaky. Very flaky. Don't happen that one's going to get a new face and then she's GonNa get on mass by her father. The trial. Trial of Barry Allen all over again. Perfect. But the best part is. The best part is if she was going to quit, she should have did it. In the Middle Crisis Kazan e could've could've addressed the face swamp as. An after effect, a crisis come on, and then no one would remember. You could have said Oh. No one remembers some like somebody else. So. We'll see how it goes for today are like. Atmosphere stock by the casting Odyssey surprised that she did finish out the season for that one. issue. It was a big risk. Our all. Right. Next listen a little. Let us. Exactly. Doers guys. Think of. Those things. Are. Trump. All right everyone send your thoughts on well. You know what's coming Batman for ninety seven and the rest of on nightfall Batman. or even the flash. Hail? Thank you Ian. They're all right everyone send your thoughts on all.

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