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To you by your use of guns days of segregation by racer over but a new report claims at San Antonio remains one of the most economically segregated big cities in the country news director John Forsythe commentary coming up at seven ten right now a quick peek behind those were the days nineteen eighty four big at the box office the movie purple rain autobiographical about one France or the artist formerly known as prince or that symbol great song great album for and it was worse than bad and Bob Welsh born this day in nineteen forty six member freak would mac from nineteen seventy one to nineteen seventy four after Peter green before Lindsey Buckingham he passed away in two thousand twelve which means he was alive in nineteen ninety eight when Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame that would be made V. Buckingham Nicks make V. Fleetwood Danny Kerr when Jeremy Spencer Peter green no Bob Welch the criteria according to the rock and roll hall of fame board their contention is that only band members who made important creative contributions to a group sound and impact arm nominated for inclusion so everybody who was ever end Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in nineteen ninety eight except Bob Welch he was the sole man responsible for the transition from blues and a white Fleetwood Mac became and is today what were they thinking they are they are roughly the same that was probably the same individuals who ten years earlier decided that Madonna should be in a rock and roll hall of fame a timer rush Limbaugh's warning commentary a woman named Kevin Durant used to work for former governor Jennifer Granholm wrote a piece in the Detroit Free Press about this week's Democrat debate she wants Democrats to vent their candidates vigorously but not viciously now ms Trent says that she wants is whenever Democrats bash their own candidates she claims that an intraparty hate fast heard Hillary's campaign and she does not want anyone going scorched earth this time Democrats only goal should be getting rid of trump she says and the enemy of the twenty democratic candidates would be better than trump out ms Trent let me give you some bad news no matter how much you beg your fellow Democrats to play nice it's not gonna happen because they aren't nice your candidates are already trying to rip each other's hearts out politically speaking they're going to go for the jugular at every opportunity do you really think Democrats critiquing them from the outside will be any nicer Basit restaurant your fellow Democrats don't know how to play nice they're not nice people they're mean they're extremists that radicals they're not nice to the themselves they're not nice to Republicans are not even nice to the country being vicious is who they are it's what makes them Democrats you better get used to this because it's only gonna get worse or join me later today hundred W..

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