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Pictures of you know what houses that have indeed been burned, and I was speaking to one woman yesterday who has a cabin up in Huntington Lake, and she was there at the airport, waiting for her son, who was being evacuated along with those groups that have been out at the resorts of sheltering in place because he had evacuated From his cabin where he lived 100 and 100 like I didn't want to join the caravan by road. Eso went along a back road and ended up stuck with all of these people, and now she's not sure. If the cabin made it, So some people are still really waiting to see what has happened in their evacuations. Ongoing people not being able to return and find out what happened to their homes. And again that is Kathy Novak reporting from the creek fire near Fresno. Fire Burning in Butte County has now burned more than 250,000 acres. The bear fire exploded last night. Prompting evacuation warnings and orders for at least 20,000 people. According to the Sacramento Bee. The fire started in mid August at Plumas National Forest, but was fanned by extremely gusty winds yesterday. Evacuation warning includes the town of Paradise, which was devastated by the campfire in November of 2018 case, CBS News Time to 35 in less than three minutes. Can Vestal is gonna update a slowdown on Highway four through an act? The silence of the generals Listen. Dave Ross on the CBS News Radio Network presented by Capital one bank. Whatever the president actually said about those fallen soldiers on this trip to France. It probably wasn't flattering, and I feel confident, saying that because number one, he's unapologetically said similar things about John McCain and number two The officers on that trip have remained remarkably.

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